Gareth Fraser

The Significance of the Munich Security Conference

Germany’s strategy for Europe celebrates its 50th anniversary.

Ambassador for world peace lauded at anniversary celebrations.

Has the country been exploiting Europe?

The war-torn country received the plain truth of the World Tomorrow.

Author, political economist, European expert and ministerial adviser Rodney Atkinson shares his views on the influence of the world’s largest church on Britain.

Last year’s warning comes to pass

The 39th anniversary of an ICCY benefit concert and The Last Recital for Israel

History of the gospel reaching the edge of the Nordic countries.

A trade partnership shaping the future

Will tense geopolitical relations ultimately lead to war?

Gospel message bore fruit in the South American west.

Unique open doors for delivery of gospel message to Persia

An open-skies deal connects the two countries as never before.

Not since the Cold War have the U.S., Britain and Europe been challenged like this by communism.

Inspired by the beauty of Ambassador College he asked to write poetry at Bricket Wood.

Political change in Europe is coming.

UNESCO presented him gifts and adulation for his global humanitarianism.

Europe’s largest export country set to exploit South America

His honored legacy with leaders from the world’s most populous nation

The shocking reality of household names in foreign hands

Germany soon to form core bloc of East and West.

A historic battle over the right to publish prophecy

He declared that human survival was at stake and explained how world peace would soon come.

Six other nations join with the EU’s top arms exporter.

A snapshot of strategic acquisitions underscores a growing partnership.

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