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2019 May Bring Europe’s Biggest Trade Deal Yet

The 3,000-Year-Old Lamp

The 30-Plus Program

7,000 Years of Preparation

7,000 Years of Preparation

Aaron’s Rod

The Abomination of Desolation

Abraham Lincoln: ‘Like a Prophet of God’

Accreditation—Government of God, or Man?

Again Ask—Why Marriage?

All the Desires of Your Heart


America’s 4,000-Year-Old History

America’s Achilles’ Heel—and Germany

America Trusts Germany With Nuclear Bombs—AND Our Planes to Deliver Them

And God Raised Up … One Man

Another, More Mysterious Alliance

Antiochus Epiphanes

Archaeology Thunders: ‘Behold Your God!’

Archeology in the City of David

Are There Successive Church Eras?

Are We Living in the Last Days?

Are You Positive?

Are You ‘Redeeming the Time’?

Arise and Speak

As in the Days of Noah

The Authority of the Bible

Band of Brothers

The Battle for the Red Sea

The Best-Selling Book Nobody Knows

Beware False Conversion!

Bible Prophecy Right Again! The Islamic State WAS a Distraction

The Biggest Threat to America’s National Security

Blood Moons—Do They Fulfill Bible Prophecy?

Break Through To God

Britain’s 4,000-Year-Old History

Building the Faith of Jesus Christ

Build the Faith of Jesus Christ!

By the Waters of Babylon

California Disasters Continue - Why?

China Is Steering the World Toward War

Christianity Is a Way of Life

Christ Personally Appears!

Christ’s Digression After the Fourth Seal

Christ’s Return? Coming Soon!

Communism in America Today

The Continual

Coronavirus and Other Modern Plagues in Prophecy

Counting Pentecost in 2001

Count Your Blessings

Creation: Subject to Futility-But in Hope!

The Cross: Pagan Symbol or Symbol of Faith

Cyprus in Prophecy

Cyprus Surrenders to Germany

The Daily Sacrifice

The Daniel 2 Image

David: A King After God’s Own Heart

David—Witness to the People

The Day of Small Beginnings

The Deadly Dangerous U.S.-Cuba Deal

The Deadly Left-Wing Media

Debunking the Da Vinci Code

Declaring the Mystery

Defending Eilat Mazar—and the Biblical Record

Did King David Conquer Jerusalem Using This Tunnel?

Did the Tsunami Shake Your Faith?

Dinosaurs and the Bible

Discovered: A Connection Between Solomon’s Jerusalem and South Arabia!

Don’t Waste Your Time!

Echoes From Israel’s Prophets

Education Comes From Study

Egypt and Iran Stride Toward Full Diplomatic Ties

Egypt and Libya to Join Iran’s Terror Network

Egypt in Prophecy

Egypt-Iran Alliance Prophesied

Egypt Unites With Iran and Fulfills a Bible Prophecy

Elijah Has Come Already

Encourage, Don’t Flatter

Ending Your Financial Worries

End-Time Eliakim

The Evidence of Faith

Ezekiel and the Sons of Zadok

The Ezekiel Temple

The Ezekiel Watchman

Facts on Cannibas Sativa

The Fall of the British Royal Family

Fascism Reawakens in Italy

Feb. 22, 2007 Co-Worker Letter

The Fighting Sons of Zadok

Final Resurrection of the Holy Roman Empire Is Here

The First and Great Commandment

Flee From Idolatry

The Foundation of Any Stable Society

Founded on a Rock

Found! King Solomon’s Wall!

France in Bible Prophecy

France Rejects America—and Empowers Germany!

The Fraud of Evolution

From Good Friday to Easter Sunday

From the Beginning

Fulfilling God’s Law: Romans 13 and You

Future Leader of Europe?

Germany—A New King Is Imminent

Germany’s Earliest Roots

Get Out the Leavening, Don’t Just Find It!

Getting to Know the Great God

God Promised David an Everlasting Throne—What Happened to It?

God’s 7,000-Year Plan

God’s Authority

God’s Laws on Your Finances

God Speaks Through Revelation

God’s Sacred Calendar

God’s Watchman

God’s Way of Life

God’s Word Prophesied a Church Split

The Great ‘Mart of Nations’

Has Eilat Mazar Discovered Archaeological Evidence of Isaiah the Prophet?

Head of the Snake

The Head of the Snake

The Hebrew Calendar’s Authority Proved!

He Can Who Thinks He Can

Herbert Armstrong’s Iron Bridge to Israel

Herbert W. Armstrong College

Here’s How to Pray

The Hidden Danger in Germany’s ‘Alliance Against Iran’

The Hidden Danger in the Coronation

History of Building God’s Temple

The Holy Roman Empire Goes Public—Big Time!

The Holy Roman Empire Is Back!

Honor Your Father

The Hope of the Gospel

How Germany Ambushed Cyprus

How God’s Financial Laws Can Help You Prosper

How Not to Be Deceived

How the Heavens Prophesy!

How to Be An Overcomer

How to Be an Overcomer

How to Be Rich

How to Prevent Sin

How to Think Deeply

How You Can Prosper in a Recession!

The Image of Daniel 2

Inside the British Museum

The Inspiring Story of Britain’s Royals

The Instruments of the Old Testament

Intercessory Prayer

Iran and the ‘End of Days’

Iran, Egypt to Restore Diplomatic Relations

Iran Helped Plan 9/11

Ireland in Prophecy

Is Abortion Really Murder?

Is All Animal Flesh Good for Food?

Is God a Trinity?

Is Makeup Sin?

Israel-From Hero to Outcast

Israel’s Deadly ‘Wound’

Israel’s First King Was God

Israel: When the Miracles Stopped

Is Smoking Sin?

Is Specialized Talent God-Given?

Is Sunday the Lord’s Day?

Is There a Devil?

Is There Life After Death?

Is Vladimir Putin the Prophesied ‘Prince of Rosh’?

Jeremiah and the Ark of the Covenant

Jeremiah’s Mysterious Commission

Jeremiah’s Faith Crisis

Jerusalem Violence Triggers Christ’s Return!

Jesus Christ: King of kings

Just How ‘New’ Is New Year’s?

Just What Is a Co-Worker?

Just What Is ‘the Work’?

Keeping the Sabbath Holy

‘Keep Them From the Evil One’

Keys That Unlock Prophecy

A Key to Answered Prayer

The Kings of the East

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Laboring for the Harvest

The Lamp in God’s Church

The Laodicean Era

L.A. Riots—Only the Beginning

The Last Crusade

Lawless: Why America Is Losing Its Rule of Law

‘A Law of History’

The Law of Second Tithe

Law or Grace?

Lazarus and the Rich Man/Thief on the Cross

Lebanon Falls, the World Yawns

The Legacy of Herbert W. Armstrong

Let God Fight Your Battles

Let God Work It Out!

Libya and Ethiopia Reveal Iran’s Military Strategy

Lift Up Your Eyes!

‘Lift Up Your Eyes on High’

The Light of the Menorah

Lincoln’s Fight for True Freedom

Live With Energy!

The Magnificent New Armstrong Auditorium

Manhood 101

The Man Who Became Israel

The Man Who Couldn’t Afford to Tithe

The Mark of the Beast

Mars Landing: A Preview of Your Incredible Potential!

Matthew 24—Christ’s Most Pivotal Prophecy

The Merciful Death Penalty

Message of Mount Ebal

The Modern Romans

A Monumental Moment in European History!

The Most Important Question in Education

The Most Inspiring Part of the Royal Wedding

Music, God’s vs. Satan’s

Mystery of Angels and Evil Spirits

Mystery of Civilization

Mystery of the Church

A Nation Without Natural Affection

The ‘Natural’ State of Man

A New Commandment

The New Covenant, Christ’s Marriage to the Church

The New Islamic Super Power

New Testament Church Begins

A New Thing

Nuclear Iran Means Nuclear War

Obeying God’s Voice

Offensive Warfare

O How Love I Thy Law

The Old Covenant, A Marriage Agreement

Open Door Policy

An Open Letter to the Churches of God

The Origin of Easter

The Origin of the American Indian

Otto von Habsburg’s Greatest Fear Realized

Our Advocate When We Sin

Our Advocate When We Sin

Pakistan and the Shah of Iran

A Palace Fit for a King

Paris Attacks Shock Europe

The Passover Controversy, 14th or 15th?

Perfect Like the Father

Place of Safety: The World Tomorrow in Embryo!

The Plain Truth About the Trinity Doctrine

Please Do Not Be My Valentine!

Pledge Allegiance to the Flag?

The Pope, the Vatican, the Holocaust

Porn Free

The Power of Fasting

The Power of God’s Spirit

The Power of God

Preparing Jerusalem for Its King

Prophecy Comes Alive in Egypt!

Prophesy Again

‘Prophesy Not’

Prophetic Duality

The Prophetic Significance of the Ukraine Crisis

The Prophet Jeremiah Lived in Ireland—and You Can Prove It

The Prophet Samuel in Shiloh

Prove All Things—The Truth About Water Baptism

Psalm 87: A Beautiful Prophecy About Zion

Putin Remembers Yugoslavia

Put the Much Into Your Night to Be Observed!

Race Riots—Three Decades of Prophetic Warning

The Real Jesus

Recapture Value In True Manhood

Recapture Value In True Womanhood

The Remarkable Identity of the German People

Revelation: The Father Focus

The Rise and Fall of a Superpower

The Rise of Lebanon

Royal Family Divides Britain

The Ruins of Tel Dan

Russia’s Attack Signals Dangerous New Era

Satan Cast Down

Satan’s Awesome Power

Satan’s Power

Saudi Arabia’s $3 Billion Bid for Lebanon

Saving America—Temporarily

A Secret Rapture

Selah—Stop and Think!

The Self-Righteousness of Job

Set Your Affection on Things Above!

The Seven Seals of Revelation 5:1

The Seven Seals of Revelation Have Been Opened!

Seven Steps to Becoming the Bride of Christ

Shakespeare and the British Empire

The Shocking Truth About WMD in Jordan

Should a Christian Fight?

Should a Christian Vote?

Should Christians Observe Birthdays?

Should Christians Participate in Jury Duty?

Should Women Speak in Church?

Should You Join a Church?

The Significance of the Hezekiah Bulla

Six Days Shall You Labor

Sodom in Prophecy

Solomon, the Queen of Sheba and Incense

Solzhenitsyn and the fall of the Soviet Union

The Sons of Zadok

The Spectacular Return of Jesus Christ!

Steve Jobs and His Burning Passion to Be Perfect

A Stone of Destiny

Strongman Rising in Europe

A Summary of God’s Holy Days

Ten Kings of the New Holy Roman Empire Rising Now

Thanksgiving Day and God

Thanksgiving Day and God

The Third Commandment and Euphemisms

This Is Germany’s Moment!

This Is the Life! Real Abundant Living

This is the Philadelphia Church of God

Thou Shalt Not!

The Three Resurrections

The Tombs of the Kings

The Tongues Question

The Truth About the Secret Rapture

The Truth on Water Baptism

Trying to Convert Relatives

Turkey: An Act of Revenge!

Ukraine Crisis Reveals Europe’s Eastern Leg

The Ukraine Crisis Was Prophesied!

Understanding Daniel the Prophet

Understanding the Present Truth on the 144,000

The Unknown Future of Artificial Intelligence

Unleavened Recipes

Unnatural Disasters

The Unpardonable Sin

The Upside-Down World

U.S. Attorney General Ignites the Race Bomb

Using God’s Sacred Name

Video Games: The New American Pastime


The Voice of the Day of the Lord

A Warning to America From Our Greatest Past Presidents

The War of the Wills

The War on Marriage

Was it Impossible for Christ to Sin?

Was Jesus a Prophet?

Was Peter the Chief Apostle?

Watch Jerusalem!

We Are What We Eat

Were the Saints in Matthew 27 Resurrected to Immortal Life?

What Are the Times of the Gentiles?

What Christ Is Doing Now

What Do You Mean ‘Born Again’?

What Is Armageddon?

What Is Armageddon?

What Is Predestination?

What Is the Kingdom of God?

What Is The Spirit In Man?

What Is the True Gospel?

What Pentecost Teaches Us to Do?

What Psychologists Don’t Know About Child Rearing

What’s So ‘Hallowed’ About Halloween?

What’s So Sacred About Easter?

What’s Wrong with ‘NEW’ Bible Translations?

What Will Happen After Trump Regains Power

When Was Christ Crucified and Resurrected?

Where Abraham Lincoln’s Greatness Came From

Where America’s Race Riots Are Leading

Where Did Abraham Lincoln’s Greatness Come From?

Where Did Christ’s Apostles Go?

Where the Webb Telescope Is Pointing

Where Would We Be Without Modern Biblical Scholarship?

Which Old Testament Laws Are We to Observe?

The Whirlwind Prophecy

White Throne Judgement

Who and What is God?

Who Are the Sons of God in Genesis 6?

Who Are the Two Witnesses?

Who Is the Modern-Day Jeroboam?

Who Was Jesus Before His Human Birth?

Why Christmas Is So Important to God

Why Do We Do the Things We Do?

Why Germany Conquered Cyprus

Why Germany Is Staying in Afghanistan

Why God Hides Himself

Why God Is Not Real to Most People

Why Kids Kill

Why Most Do Not Understand Prophecy

Why Suicide Is Not the Answer

Why the Pope Offends Muslims, Jews and Protestants

Why the Week?

Why Trials and Troubles?

Why Watch the News?

Why We Attend the Feast of Tabernacles

Why We Must Warn

Will Brazil’s New President Open the Door to the Holy Roman Empire?

Will God Respond to America’s National Day of Prayer?

Will the Wicked Burn in Hell?

A World Held Captive

A World in Captivity

A World Soon to Rely on God

The World Will Not End This Way!

You Are a King

‘You Are Gods’

You Are Saved by Grace!

You Can Conquer Spiritual Lethargy!

You Can Overcome Fear!

You Can Understand Prophecy!

You Can Understand Prophecy

Your Incredible Potential—and Your Children’s

Zechariah’s Flying Scroll

Zechariah’s Flying Scroll