USA for Sale

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USA for Sale

The shocking reality of household names in foreign hands

Sold! That’s the chorus of many American companies. From transport to food, aerospace, hospitality, sports and utilities, America’s economic decline is providing competitor countries a shopping spree with far reaching implications.

Most Americans are oblivious to the ongoing sell-off of institutionalized names. Many take for granted that these companies are still under the Stars and Stripes. Advanced and emerging foreign markets are exploiting this fiscal weakness, as their businesses establish distribution routes and introduce domestic brand names to the United States consumer marketplace.

Below is a sample of corporations that were once American, but are now owned by foreign companies.


  • Budweiser – Belgium
  • Alka-Seltzer; Dial Soap; Trader Joe’s – Germany
  • Flatiron Building; Sunglass Hut – Italy
  • Chicago Skyway; Indiana Toll Road – Spain/Australia
  • Gerber Products; Toll House – Switzerland
  • Frigidaire – Sweden
  • Good Humor-Breyers – Britain/Netherlands
  • French’s Mustard; Holiday Inn – Britain
  • Asia

  • amc Theater; Smithfield Foods, Inc. – China
  • 7-Eleven; Firestone – Japan
  • Pierre Hotel – India
  • Nets NBA team – Russia
  • North and South America

  • Entenmann’s Chocolate – Mexico
  • Citgo Oil – Venezuela
  • John Hancock Life Insurance – Canada
  • Mideast

  • Chrysler Building – Abu-Dhabi
  • Plaza Hotel – Israel
  • Caribou Coffee; Church’s Chicken – Bahrain
  • Additionally, the Pennsylvania Turnpike, Chicago’s Midway Airport, and Washington’s Puget Sound Energy are under consideration for foreign ownership highlighting the desperation filling city governments and communities.

    Herbert W. Armstrong foretold this decline and present sale into foreign ownership in his blockbuster book, The United States and Britain in Prophecy. Millions worldwide have requested this book, which relies upon revealed Bible truth as its guide, outlining the choicest blessings of economic supremacy afforded the United States as a result of its forefather’s obedience and America’s tragic end-time choice to reject THE source of those blessings. The effect of that cause is a broken pride in a fallen world power resulting in foreign economic subjugation (Leviticus 26:19; Deuteronomy 28; Hosea 7:9-10).

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