Gareth Fraser

Sophia Loren, Cary Grant, Dean Martin, and Ronald Reagan joined the Prince of Wales.

Historic tribute drew Hollywood entertainers to Ambassador Auditorium.

Germany takes advantage of the euro to drive exports within Europe at the expense of the rest of the continent.

Germany’s domination of the Continent is fast approaching its apex.

Global power is shifting.

An ‘unprecedented event’ bonds the two countries for the short term.

Germany leads Europe in more ways than one.

Remembering Mr. Armstrong’s first trip to Romania as guest of the USSR.

He shared how the government of God would replace governments of man.

Unfailingly delivering a gospel message to ambassadors and royalty

Operation Combined Endeavor prepares Europe for war.

Persecution for preaching prophecy of the Holy Roman Empire

Germany admits delivery of destructive materials.

Franz Joseph Strauss recommended he not talk to the Soviet leader.

Gospel of peace embraced amid Idi Amin’s horror of war.

Doesn’t stop the unofficial ambassador for world peace delivering the good news of God’s Kingdom to the monarchy of Saudi Arabia

Early foundation laid for gospel message delivery to Saudi Arabia

A new energy agreement reveals level of European influence.

How the subjugated is to become the subjugator

Arabian emissary discussed Mideast peace and biblical ownership of Palestine.

Why a 70-member government-led delegation visited the Holy Land

Attacking American control of the Internet economy

Seventy-six ambassadors met in the globe’s largest nation to hear Matthew 24:14.

Israel’s technology and experience intrigue Europe’s economic king.

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