It might sound paradox, but there is good news despite today’s horrific headlines.
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These books of the Bible contain prophetic history, yet few study them and even fewer understand their significance for today.
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By Andrew Miiller  ·  Thursday, October 27
Contradictions in the alliance between radical leftists and Islamic fundamentalists only make sense when you realize both ideologies have the same short-term goal.
By Richard Palmer  ·  Wednesday, October 26
Many believe this bastion of secularism will never again embrace religion. History shows otherwise.
By Christopher Eames  ·  Tuesday, October 25
What does science say?
By Joel Hilliker and J. Tim Thompson  ·  Monday, October 24
How could a loving God advocate capital punishment?
By Ryan Malone  ·  Sunday, October 23
Why the coming utopia will be a feast for the senses!
By Andrew Miiller  ·  Friday, October 21
Who is more dangerous, the Sinaloa drug cartel or the United States pharmaceutical industry?
By Kieren Underwood  ·  Thursday, October 20
The results of relying on the wisdom of man
By Brent Nagtegaal  ·  Wednesday, October 19
Turkey’s entrance into the Syrian civil war means Bashar Assad is in trouble.
By Brad Macdonald  ·  Tuesday, October 18
Angela Merkel’s government is proving inadequate. For the right leader, this could be a terrific opportunity to seize control of Germany.
By Joel Hilliker  ·  Monday, October 17
It’s about joy and thanksgiving—but that’s really only the start!
By Joel Hilliker  ·  Sunday, October 16
Stop the buck in its tracks.
By Gerald Flurry  ·  Saturday, October 15
Politics in America today is full of people pointing fingers and casting blame. But the real source of the nation’s problems is being overlooked. 
By Abraham Blondeau  ·  Friday, October 14
The moment that transformed Britain and prepared it for greatness
By Richard Palmer  ·  Thursday, October 13
Many say the EU’s latest push for a combined military is doomed to fail. Are they right?
By Anthony Chibarirwe  ·  Wednesday, October 12
When politics and religion mutually transcend each other
By Kieren Underwood  ·  Tuesday, October 11
You can’t wait five years when you are fighting a war.
By Richard Palmer  ·  Tuesday, October 11
The latest Nobel Peace Prize honors Colombia’s negotiations with the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia. But behind the scenes, another power is gaining great clout as a global peacemaker.
By Gerald Flurry  ·  Monday, October 10
To see what is ahead for European unity, look at what is behind.
Aired Sun., Oct. 30  ·  28 min
The book of Revelation mentions a little book that God would reveal just before the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. This book has been revealed, and its contents will affect every person on Earth!
Aired Fri., Oct. 7  ·  27 min
And it can be yours—at no cost or obligation to you!
Sept. 1, 2016
America’s worst foreign-policy debacle ever just paved the way to a nuclear World War III.
Aug. 1, 2016
Assassinations of police officers in Dallas and Baton Rouge mark a dangerous escalation of race hatred. America’s highest-ranking leaders are fueling the problem.