Russia’s missile sales to Iran is bringing the two nations.


Why not? No one is stopping them.
The world’s most famous poet believed in an eternal afterlife. Yet it was a mystery. It doesn’t need to be!
Scientists treat dissent like heresy. But considering their track record, they should welcome debate.


Look him up quickly—before his history and legacy are rewritten or erased.
An ember of a diplomatic relationship between Japan and China remains.
The melting-pot of the world isn’t so hot anymore.
Don’t abrogate the responsibility to prevent radical Muslims from murdering Christians.
The world just missed the biggest financial event since America abandoned the gold standard.
The Key of David
Russian President Vladimir Putin believes his actions in Crimea are no different than the West’s actions in Yugoslavia in the ’90s.
Britain is ashamed of its imperial past. It shouldn’t be. The right kind of empire has a noble and powerful impact on this world!
Be honest: Political parties offer only dead hope. You need better!



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When grading their performance, give them the gift of perspective.

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It is a sentiment that, unfortunately, may be gaining traction in America.

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Lessons from a man who helped build a president