The solution for Israelis: ‘Keep calm and carry on’?
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Major media outlets are starting to notice similarities between modern Europe and the Holy Roman Empire under Charlemagne. Is this a good thing?
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The facts bear out that President Obama is wrong about America’s economy.
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By Abraham Blondeau  ·  Tuesday, February 9
How a Civil War general discovered the key to healing America
By Stephen Flurry  ·  Monday, February 8
By Dennis Leap  ·  Monday, February 8
Planned Parenthood cheers for Houston’s indictment of David Daleiden and the Center for Medical Progress.
By Gerald Flurry  ·  Monday, February 8
Barack Obama claims he has an ‘uncompromising commitment’ to Israel. But does he?
By Wayne Turgeon  ·  Saturday, February 6
How do the Bible’s prophetic warnings about coming disease epidemics affect you?
By Kieren Underwood  ·  Friday, February 5
‘I think I am a man/woman/of no sex, therefore I am.’
By Brad Macdonald and Richard Palmer  ·  Friday, February 5
Muslim migrants are flooding Germany with problems. German leaders want to cover it up; German citizens want different leaders
By Callum Wood  ·  Thursday, February 4
How you can explain the surge in destructive weather phenomenon
By Andrew Miiller  ·  Thursday, February 4
Comparing the Oregon standoff with the Black Lives Matter movement shows how divided America has become on the issue of federal law enforcement.
By Richard Palmer  ·  Wednesday, February 3
After 500 years, the pope aims to end the biggest split in Christendom—a development that would radically expand the prestige and reach of the Catholic Church.
By Stephen Flurry  ·  Wednesday, February 3
Years of crises appear to provide a definite answer. But Bible prophecy answers differently.
By Kieren Underwood  ·  Tuesday, February 2
Officials realize the dire need to protect their borders.
By Stephen Flurry  ·  Monday, February 1
France conceded everything to Iran during the nuclear negotiations. But in the state dinner that followed, it finally found something it definitely would not give in on.
By Kieren Underwood  ·  Friday, January 29
The failed theory is still hugely popular in university syllabi.
By Robert Morley  ·  Friday, January 29
China’s new Asian International Investment Bank could upset the balance of power in Asia.
By Richard Palmer  ·  Thursday, January 28
How a banking crisis in Italy could reverberate around the world
By Jeremiah Jacques  ·  Wednesday, January 27
A new British inquiry proves that we should ‘fear this man.’
By Richard Palmer  ·  Tuesday, January 26
Russian mind games with nuclear weapons mean that NATO has to step it up, write top German think tanks.
By Stephen Flurry  ·  Tuesday, January 26
Ask John Kerry.
Aired Sun., Feb. 7  ·  27 min
Few people know Charlemagne’s legacy, but Europe will follow in his footsteps one last time.
Aired Fri., Feb. 5  ·  26 min
There is a way—but man has rejected that way.
Jul. 1, 2003
Jan. 31, 2016
The Obama administration has given the number one terrorist-sponsoring nation in the world a clear path to nuclear weapons.