Gareth Fraser

The unofficial ambassador for world peace delivered Christ’s gospel and warned of future European power.

Declared powerful gospel message at testimonial dinner for 400 leaders

2012 turnover reached record €209 billion.

The princess listed Herbert Amstrong as first founding member of King Leopold III Foundation for Conservation of Nature.

‘We need an Ambassador College in Germany,’ Strauss said.

Jordan’s monarch requested signed copy of his autobiography.

Government praised his promotion of U.S.-Japan relations.

Power transition will result in domineering monopoly.

Ambassador Foundation support of anthropological exploration

Financial crisis amid Prussian profiteering

Met Prime Minister Sato, Lieutenant General Lampert and Chobyo Yara

Dignitaries attend ceremony conducted in Malacañang Palace Grand Salon.

Intimate fiscal bond with a price?

Lessons and grave warning from Europe’s Wirtschaftswunder

Mr. Armstrong met with President Marcos, spoke to university students, Rotary Clubs and government officials, and conducted large campaigns in Manila.

Mr. Armstrong met Dutch Prince Bernhard and authorized Ambassador Foundation support.

Offered logistical assistance for historic 1984 meeting with Deng Xiaoping

Forty-one percent earnings increase in 2012 recalls the rise and rise again of the company that created ‘the people’s car’ for the Furher.

History of how Ambassador International Cultural Foundation became involved with University of Turin, Iraqi and Syrian antiquities departments, UCLA and John Hopkins University

Public and private school students watch Heidi the musical in Ambassador Auditorium. Tradition revived with Jeremiah musical at Armstrong Auditorium.

Remembering the performance, its preservation by Stanford University and perpetuation by Armstrong Auditorium

Ariyavangsagatayana said “the teachings that Mr. Armstrong spreads do good, and not harm.”

Preserving a legacy established by God in 1947

Spiritual words of wisdom for today’s faithless leaders

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