Herbert W. Armstrong’s Contributions to the World Wildlife Fund


Herbert W. Armstrong’s Contributions to the World Wildlife Fund

Mr. Armstrong met Dutch Prince Bernhard and authorized Ambassador Foundation support.

In August 1975, the Good News magazine published an article titled, “Ambassador International Cultural Foundation, Dedicated to Serving Humanity Worldwide.” In March of that year, Herbert W. Armstrong formalized the ongoing charitable and humanitarian activities of the work into the Ambassador International Cultural Foundation adjunct. “The foundation serves all without respect to race or national origin. It cuts through the complexities that divide this war-torn world. It is accepted by all. It is not political. It is not denominational or ‘religious’ in the traditional sense. Yet, its activities are based on right values on God’s Word and Bible truths.”

In seven short years the momentum of personal invitations from royalty, foreign governments and corporate leaders to discuss global problems, in conjunction with a glittering performing arts program serving the community, had established a firm foundation on which to build. By now, foundation projects were under way in Japan, India, Thailand, Philippines, Nepal, Jordan, Israel, Belgium, Egypt, England and the Netherlands.

That same year, the Worldwide News year-end special edition recounted that “Mr. Armstrong visited Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands, husband of Queen Juliana.” Princess Juliana married Prince Bernhard of Lippe-Biesterveld in 1937. Her reign spanned from 1948 to 1980. The Netherlands experienced significant change during the decades of her tenure, notably postwar rebuilding during the 1950s, student riots in 1960s and the oil crisis of the 1970s. Through it all, the queen received the admiration and adoration of the Dutch while addressing social issues as a monarchical priority.

The subject matter of the 1975 meeting with Mr. Armstrong centered upon support for and involvement with the World Wildlife Fund (wwf). From its smallest beginning in 1961, the wwf was established to raise funds internationally for the aid and expansion of global wildlife conservation. Support by such notables as Britain’s Prince Philip, U.S. President Dwight D. Eisenhower and the Netherlands’ Prince Bernhard propelled the organization forward toward notable accomplishments.

Maritime activities in Latin America, protection of animals in Africa, protection of European marshlands, and species and forestry protection in Asia, built to addressing broader legislative regulation in a myriad of industries impacting sea life, biodiversity, sustainability and pollution.

Now in its 52nd year, the wwf has expanded into a power of wildlife preservation for planet Earth. In an economically, technologically and culturally connected world, its activities have expanded into all corners of the globe, impacting and accessing millions worldwide.

The Dutch royals received the internationally recognized ambassador for world peace, and through that relationship the door opened for the Ambassador International Cultural Foundation to support the work of international wildlife conservation and preservation.

Readers may know Mr. Armstrong died in 1986, Princess Juliana and Prince Bernhard in 2004, but they may have forgotten or been unaware of this charitable and humanitarian contribution Mr. Armstrong led on behalf of the Ambassador International Cultural Foundation, its supporters, Ambassador College and the Worldwide Church of God. The latter’s seal depicted a child leading a lion and lamb in the spirit of Isaiah 11:6: “The wolf also shall dwell with the lamb, and the leopard shall lie down with the kid; and the calf and the young lion and the fatling together; and a little child shall lead them.”

Armstrong International Cultural Foundation founder and chairman Gerald Flurry has expended much effort over the past two decades involving various countries and cultures proving he is honoring the request by emperors, kings, queens, princes, presidents and prime ministers for this humanitarian legacy to be continued. Through these efforts, the foundation continues its contribution toward bringing about understanding between all peoples in the march forward to soon-coming world peace.