Gareth Fraser

Scandalous delays recall Guillaume Stasi spy affair, fall of the chancellor and rise of a strong man.

Prince Charles, Princess Diana and Leopold de Rothschild round out a royal day for the ambassador for world peace.

Spiritual lessons from the 2013 Surf City Marathon in Huntington Beach, California

The miracle mission of NASA’s STS-61

Germany strengthens its ties with Australia as its springboard for projection of power in the Pacific.

Public lectures precede World Tomorrow broadcast in Hong Kong, while thousands request subscriptions to the Plain Truth.

Sellout audience honored them with standing ovation, and in response received three encores.

Germany goes full circle from IG Farben to Bayer, BASF, Hoechst and Cassella.

Announces ‘world’s largest power-to-gas plant opened in Stuttgart’

The World Tomorrow TV crew filmed segments for international broadcast.

Bishops’ Conference decides the church, not the government, will police itself in sex abuse cases.

CEDOK’s Vaclav Pleskot and Jaroslav Gebert wanted the Feast of Tabernacles in Brno.

Goal is to become number 1 vendor for electric cars.

Germany is today far more strategically placed to initiate a sudden imperialist power grab than it ever was under Hitler back in 1939.

L.A. mayor commends Ambassador International Cultural Foundation activities.

Global job seekers find profitable professional employment.

Unofficial ambassador for world peace asked message to be delivered to Lebanon, Kuwait, Tunisia, Morocco, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka.

Visa changes attract investors and skilled workers.

How 70 percent of households were so quickly connected with broadband technology

Belgium’s Princess Lilian’s surprise presentation in the library of Chateau d’Argenteuil

World War II military allies forging powerful health-care partnerships

Why Google, Kennet and U.S. companies are investing in Germany

Unofficial ambassador invited to participate in international youth project

1976 Viking 1 Mars landing shown at Ambassador Auditorium

Eastern Orthodox Church Patriarch Diodoros presented award dating back 325 years after Christ.

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