Ron Fraser

Germany’s Secret Service Scandal

Vital background information about the organization that has been spying on the United States

This is a slightly updated version of an article that originally appeared in 2012.

Written by late Trumpet columnist Ron Fraser on Nov. 9, 2009, on the 20th anniversary of the Berlin Wall’s fall, an event that changed modern history.

And how to find a news source you can really rely on.

In one of his final papal decrees before resigning, Pope Benedict invoked the term ‘Church of God’ as solely applying to the Roman Church, which he claims is the only true church.

What really caused the shooting of Australian student Christopher Lane in Oklahoma this week? What is the solution to such senseless bloodshed?

Germany is stepping up its alliances in both the Middle East and Far East through arms trade.

The volatile combination of free sex, drug addiction and sodomy have helped bring our society to the point of no return.

Washington is paying a high price for its policy of appeasement. The cost to the nation will be extreme.

In a reflection of German elites’ imperialist vision, a new command structure emerges in preparation for ‘worldwide war operations.’

As Australia prepares for national elections, whichever party gains office must face the challenge of security and defense in an increasingly militarized Pacific region.

Japanese elites have always regarded the nation’s ‘self-defense force’ as having the potential to act in an offensive role when the need arises.

The creation of fear in the enemy camp is a potent weapon of Islamist terror. America has succumbed to this tactic.

Islamic extremism is spreading rapidly in Central Asia in the wake of a crisis in governance. Where is it leading?

Afghan terrorists continue to profit from contracts sponsored by the U.S. government.

Though the Edward Snowden affair lifted the lid on the total surveillance of American citizens, we still tend to ignore the greatest of all sources of mass intelligence.

Gaiety will be a fruit of God’s way of living in the world to come.

From premature reports of Mark Twain’s death to the misidentifying of the Boston bomber, the media have often got the story wrong. Is there any news source that you can really rely on?

To protect its access to vital seaways, Germany is about to embark on a drastic upgrade of its navy.

A recent study reveals a connection between a certain IVF method and low child intelligence.

One year ago, U.S. President Barack Obama voted himself sweeping new powers over American citizens’ private communications.

What possible connection could there be between recent riots in Brazil, the Vatican’s World Youth Day and Pope Francis?

When America’s government rejects its God, it rejects the core principle of its founding Constitution.

From the Gulf to Nigeria, Germany is taking an increasingly aggressive stance protecting its raw materials access. But where is it leading?

The collective mindset of the public is increasingly fascinated by homosexuality. Where is it leading?

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