Daniel Di Santo

Preparing to back up its words with hard power, the Continent moves closer to a unified military.

Two economic powers plan for the future—and the U.S. isn’t part of it.

Neo-Nazi views are perilously close to entering the German mainstream.

Laughing the West to scorn, Tehran moves closer to the bomb.

The world’s strongest military is not as strong as you might think.

Military cooperation with Germany looks like a sign of peace. But it has an ominous side few consider.

When America’s debt comes due, it will cost the nation more than just dollars.

Historic gains for the far right and far left signal the approaching end of Merkel’s coalition.

A new law could land parents in unexpected legal trouble—but it will harm children most of all.

Another record-setting year reminds the UK of London’s unresolved violence problem.

Iran is not letting go of North Africa without a fight. And it’s going to get one.

Desperate to undermine the president, the radical left’s accusations reveal a dangerous spirit in American politics.

What do the world’s leading terror sponsor and the world’s largest oil importer have in common? They’re working against the U.S. dollar.

Human actions can alter the weather—but not in the way most people think.

The latest accusations against Brett Kavanaugh reveal the lawless spirit gripping America.

Democratic candidates shy away from one of America’s most dangerous problems.

Europe is being urged by media and politicians to end reliance on the United States—and the message is getting through loud and clear.

The global nuclear arms race is heating up again. How will it end?

AfD makes historic gains—again.

As outrage toward foreigners grows, will France take action?

Is this change positive or negative?

Germany is preparing to attack Iran and radical Islam—in a way specifically foretold by Scripture.

What matters most to Americans today? Hint: It’s not the things that used to.

Internal weakness is hobbling the world’s strongest military.

The pride of a once-mighty military is being broken.

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