Daniel Di Santo

The failed immigration policies of one nation show where Europe is headed.

Supporting Putin’s army will have consequences far beyond Ukraine.

Spain’s problem is also Europe’s problem.

Behind the EU’s Russian media ban is a global ambition for control of the Internet.

Supporting the North Korea of the Middle East

With another Nazi-themed funeral, Italy moves closer to resurrecting the Holy Roman Empire.

A deal that reveals the Middle East’s future

France takes a step toward strongman rule.

Vaccine passports were only the beginning.

While tightening the rules for one religion, the president gives acceptance to another.

With the unstated but vital goal of defending a vast trove of natural gas

American economic policies are coming under fire from abroad.

Recent elections in France have sent a strong message: France is tired of the established politicians.

Despite turbulent relations, Europe will not abandon the Sahel.

‘Following the science’ has become a matter of agreeing with a predetermined narrative.

Every time radical Islam strikes France, radical change in French politics becomes more desirable.

A country that shelters those fleeing religious persecution is now the author of it.

With the backing of Europe, France is showing its willingness to push Britain out of Europe’s economy.

More proof that Lebanon is indeed a European issue

Freedom of expression now has ‘limits.’

Another provocative announcement reveals Iran’s readiness to spread chaos.

The mainstream media is waging a campaign of intellectual terrorism.

Will Egypt be Iran’s next conquest?

But if Beirut wants Europe’s billions, it will have to comply with Germany.

Concern over Russia and China is pushing Europe to contemplate war in space.

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