Daniel Di Santo

Macron cracks down on freedom of assembly.

The U.S. is pushing Germany to take matters into its own hands.

The troubles of Harland and Wolff are deeply symbolic of a navy in decline.

Surge in illegal immigration overwhelming border security

Turning away from the United States in favor of a united European alternative

Crimes committed by immigrants bring more unrest to Germany.

Massive trade deals with South America and Africa give Europe the resources it needs.

New push for European unity prepares the way for a strongman.

How can America stop its epidemic of senseless violence?

Unelected officials will soon increase censorship on major social media platforms.

Military deployment without prior approval: a common development for Germany

President Trump has again proved to be the ‘king of debt.’

A wake-up call for the British Royal Navy

Europe is regaining power over Africa, one aid package at a time.

This year, France’s national holiday is about more than just France.

Germany’s arms industry ‘continues to grow unabated.’

New tax targets American tech giants.

A democratic nation needs patriotism to survive.

Does cake come before religious freedom?

Self-censoring references to terrorism reveal Britain’s broken will.

Americans are experiencing an ‘epidemic’ of suicide, and experts don’t know the cause.

An authority stronger than defense experts says this will happen.

The European Union is already a ‘regulatory superpower.’

Former Army Ranger says much of America’s military spending is in vain.

As food prices rise, few stop to consider what is really behind the increase of crop-destroying diseases and pests.

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