Jack Wood

Turkey Retrieves Its Gold From the United States

More nations are losing trust in the United States of America, both financially and politically.

Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermudez could bring Europe to an island 100 miles from the United States.

New strain of common sexually transmitted disease emerges and it cannot be cured.

Fearing Russian aggression, Poles are upgrading their defenses.

Regardless of whether he wins or loses, the fact that people are taking this seriously is cause for concern.

Caravans of Central American migrants make their way to the United States border.

Russian military aggression in Eastern Europe is leading to a prophesied clash of civilizations.

A new discovery sheds further light on the precision of the universe.

The brutal assassination attempt in England is a warning from Moscow to the world: ‘Cross Russia and face the consequences.’

A United States general warns that China could soon take control of one of Africa’s most strategic ports.

Business elites are so worried about the collapse of Western society that they are building themselves bunkers in remote locations.

Americans have great faith in military power, but the Bible warns that such faith is misplaced.

The Bible’s prophetic warnings are clear.

Amid anxiety over Russian aggression, Sweden is ramping up its military readiness.

For the first time in the history of the modern Chinese state, the leader of the Communist Party has personally dictated military action to the People’s Liberation Army.

Is America jumping at its own shadow?

China is set to replace the U.S. as the dominant economic power in the Indo-Pacific region. What does this mean for the “Land Down Under”?

Mankind impacts the Earth’s climate—but probably not how you might think.

While Britons celebrated Christmas, Russians probed their nation’s defenses.

Iran retaliates against America’s recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

The world moves steadily toward world war as Eastern Europe arms itself against Russian aggression.

European and South American negotiators are set to make one of the largest trade deals in history. What will this mean for the relationship between these two political blocs?

The partiality of news sources is becoming a serious problem.

Putin urges military manufacturers to be ready for battle.

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