Anthony Chibarirwe

Will Sanctions Slow Iran’s Quest for Domination?

America’s largest tranche of sanctions on Iran are now in effect. How successful will they be?

Chinese foreign investments come with geopolitical strings attached.

Chinese military likely training for ‘strikes against U.S. and allied targets.’

Bible prophecy indicates Iran could exploit improving ties between these former enemies to sabotage global trade.

‘A case study of how Chinese money and clout have the capability to buy favors and concessions’

The Islamic Republic’s words intimidate as much as its actions.

If it is, toning down the rhetoric is not the only fix Chinese leaders are suggesting.

The obvious and less obvious (but prophetic) reasons why Jordan’s government won’t be overthrown

‘Iran is now sufficiently emboldened as to directly attack Israel.’

Yet another People’s Liberation Army Navy exercise contrasts America’s decline against China’s aggressive rise.

China’s expanding military power in the Pacific could soon approach Australia.

‘Militarism is again rearing its ugly head in Japan.’

Saudi Arabia appears to be positioning itself as Israel’s new best friend in the Middle East.

China’s Liaoning aircraft carrier and other warships sail through Taiwan Strait to disputed sea.

Recently revealed secrets show how easily a rogue nation can start a nuclear crisis.

‘We’re all vulnerable.’

Russia’s relationship with Egypt brings back Cold War memories.

What the Bible says about the ongoing civil war in Syria

‘I wish we could have this ship on our waters right now.’

America is spending its strength in vain, and spending it to empower its archenemy.

‘Iranian ports in the eastern Mediterranean are a real risk for Israel.’

Turkey is forming and breaking alliances—and fulfilling Bible prophecy.

Ethiopia is following the path of failed states in the Horn of Africa, North Africa and the Middle East.

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