Anthony Chibarirwe

Massive Landslide Buries California’s Highway 1

A ‘one of a kind,’ ‘mother of all landslides’ disaster buried an iconic route and added to the $1 billion in highway damage in the state.

Pirates from Somalia are taking advantage of a diminishing international security presence in the region.

This desperate measure is revealing the true state of the nation—and its future.

The ramifications of the Soviet resurgence in Afghanistan are far-reaching.

‘Promises made. Promises [not] kept.’

An international battle for Libya has begun. A newly resurgent, domineering power is set to win it, decisively.

This large facility is located near a crucial maritime choke point and America’s only full military base in Africa.

There is a sobering reason why the former Soviet Union is reversing its retreat from the graveyard of empires in dramatic fashion.

It is important to remember the utter destructiveness of civil war, especially in a region rife with conflict and repeat offenders.

The words spoken by South Africa’s most radical politician may reveal the future of the Rainbow Nation.

When politics and religion mutually transcend each other

Using rogue nations as allies and diplomacy as a cover, the Islamic Republic is exporting its revolution to Central and South America.

What the ouster of Dilma Rousseff means for Brazil’s past and future allegiance

A coalition might destroy the Islamic State, but can it destroy the state of being radically Islamic?

Investigations into past Iranian terrorist attacks in Argentina reveal the extent of its terror network in Latin America and its determination to sponsor global chaos.

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Venezuela is becoming a failed state. What will it be after it falls?

What his appointment to Israel’s second-most powerful office means for the nation

A ‘recipe for disaster’

The Islamic Republic’s terrorist reach extends well beyond the Middle East.

The conflict in Syria is proving to be more challenging than previously estimated.

The lethal comeback by the al Qaeda franchise in Yemen does not bode well for U.S. national security.