Callum Wood

China Gains Control of Israeli Ports

Is Israel helping forge the sabre of its own demise?

A wake-up call for the world

Meet Qais al-Khazali.

Withering under a drought of biblical intensity

The new front lines in the battle to contain Iranian-led radical Islam

Australia’s leadership crisis was prophesied!

A focal point of money, oil and power

Australia withers under a drought of biblical proportions.

It is no coincidence that Iran’s fingerprints are all over Yemeni terrorist missiles.

Bible prophecy indicates Iran could exploit improving ties between these former enemies to sabotage global trade.

A relationship built on the ruins of another

Cooperation with Eritrea set to resurrect Ethiopian sea power

The Islamic Republic is changing tactics to deepen its ties with radicals in Afghanistan.

Why Ethiopia needs to remember its history with God’s work

New prime minister implements risky domestic and international policy.

And more recent documents show it’s still working toward a bomb.

The mullahs are quietly extending their reach from the deserts of Iran to the heart of Europe.

The short- and long-term ramifications of Chinese investment on America’s doorstep

Iran lied—but we already knew that.

Iran and Saudi Arabia are attempting to outmaneuver each other in the Red Sea. We know who will win.

Why we should take note of Christian leaders discussing peace in the Middle East

While America can drop bombs on Russia’s ally in Syria, Russia can infiltrate America through the Internet.

Public threats by the Iranians reveal what the world already knows: Iran never gave up its nuclear ambitions.

‘Pay-to-slay’ program is subsidized by everyday Americans.

Changing Houthi tactics could soon affect you.

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