Callum Wood

Frenemies With a Dragon

Australia’s precarious economic relationship with China is failing.

The subliminal education is no fairy tale.

In the covid-world, we are told to obey the ‘experts.’ Should we?

A leaked defense report shows that Australia is woefully underprepared for a real global crisis.

Is North Africa about to face a water war?

A glimpse into our terrified future

Temporary American grandeur on display

With elections looming, Iran’s radicals are leaving nothing to chance.

Nightmare conditions look set to continue as the nation burns.

Iran’s long-forecast return to a fully-fledged nuclear weapons program

A storm of biblical proportions is brewing in the Persian Gulf.

Has the radical Egyptian dream died with the dictator?

A look back at the destructive referendums of Iran’s past

Does the fall of the Islamic State signal the tide turning against extremism?

The mindset of a short-sighted nuclear watchdog

There is nothing natural about what is happening to Australia.

Lessons from North Sentinel Island

And the Pacific decline of the West

The dream that ‘house prices only go up’ is ending.

A dramatic change in the Israeli-Jordanian relationship is coming.

Is Israel helping forge the sabre of its own demise?

A wake-up call for the world

Meet Qais al-Khazali.

Withering under a drought of biblical intensity

The new front lines in the battle to contain Iranian-led radical Islam

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