Callum Wood

Australia to Hold a Referendum on ‘the Voice’

Politicians are undermining Australia’s government and constitution.

Australia is heading into an unprecedented economic maelstrom.

Australians have elected to water the garden while the house burns down.

Australia stands for nothing, so it gives away everything, even its character.

Australia is at risk of a total economic halt in 2022.

Totalitarianism for the good of the community

The slide toward authoritarianism

Iran is lying its way to nuclear weapons.

Beijing is surveying its way to Australia.

Suleimani’s legacy lives on in Iraq.

A recent assassination raises questions about Iranian links to al Qaeda.

Australia’s only path to victory in the trade war with China

An overlooked executive order could be the undoing of the left.

Military intervention in a rebel region might bring Ethiopia to ‘state collapse.’

In a terror-stricken world, freedom is being sacrificed for safety.

The Morrison government momentarily dropped its conservative facade.

Answering the ‘cancel Christ’ culture

Israeli intelligence suggests Iran could start nuclear bomb assembly soon.

Australia’s precarious economic relationship with China is failing.

The subliminal education is no fairy tale.

In the covid-world, we are told to obey the ‘experts.’ Should we?

A leaked defense report shows that Australia is woefully underprepared for a real global crisis.

Is North Africa about to face a water war?

A glimpse into our terrified future

Temporary American grandeur on display

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