Callum Wood

The new religion is ‘no religion.’

The Iranians are increasing their production of nuclear-capable missiles.

Without considering tomorrow, Australians are shouldering alarming levels of debt.

A political system rife with Chinese bribery, coercion, espionage and blackmail

Iran has almost locked in its ‘Shia Crescent’ foreign-policy objective.

A fracturing Gulf alliance could help reshape the Middle East.

Should Australia simply ‘keep calm and carry on’?

An Australian sheikh is warning that radical Islam is infiltrating the country.

But it’s the accompanying leadership from Iran’s Jerusalem Force general that bears vigilance.

Australia condones the division of American society.

Why Rouhani can’t and won’t change Iran

Australia is ‘sleepwalking’ in a deadly new world.

The falling-out between Germany and Turkey could pave the way for stronger German-Jordanian relations.

The return of the Taliban is tied to the fall of America.

Is it just a powerful missile defense system that the Jewish nation lacks?

Iran’s military is preparing for a major overhaul.

Russia is quietly taking the Arctic, and the United States is doing nothing.

The former president’s announcement could be a game changer for upcoming elections.

Largest haul of crystal methamphetamine ever recovered in the nation’s history

New evidence emerges that Tehran is infiltrating Bahrain.

Terrorists again target a vital part of Egypt’s economy.

Former U.S. ambassador to Israel warns of coming war in Gaza.

Hamas restocks with upgraded armaments.

Another indicator that American ‘soft power’ in the Middle East was too soft

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