Callum Wood

The short- and long-term ramifications of Chinese investment on America’s doorstep

Iran lied—but we already knew that.

Iran and Saudi Arabia are attempting to outmaneuver each other in the Red Sea. We know who will win.

Why we should take note of Christian leaders discussing peace in the Middle East

While America can drop bombs on Russia’s ally in Syria, Russia can infiltrate America through the Internet.

Public threats by the Iranians reveal what the world already knows: Iran never gave up its nuclear ambitions.

‘Pay-to-slay’ program is subsidized by everyday Americans.

Changing Houthi tactics could soon affect you.

Why do the Europeans want to strengthen the Lebanese armed forces?

Trade ties are helping to build a powerful alliance against the West.

The growing danger of direct conflict between world powers

Hailemariam Desalegn departs as Oromo people—and Muslims—look to acquire more control over Ethiopia.

A lighthearted voyage through time and space

How Chinese investment can be an offensive weapon

It’s itching to try.

Europe continues to strengthen its southern border.

A recent survey indicates that many believe God is unable or unwilling to hear them.

Who is really to blame for suppression of truth? Trump or the mainstream media?

The spark that lit the Arab Spring is burning again.

Whose side is China really on?

Sisi’s attempt to stabilize a volatile region is failing.

Aussies in Victoria and elsewhere are losing sight of hope and their incredible human potential.

Plebiscite marks the beginning of the end of traditional marriage in Australia

Three trends to watch as Russians and Iranians work together

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