Nikoli Guillar

Storm Usman Devastates the Philippines, Kills More Than 100

In order to pinpoint the cause, we need to look to the Bible.

China and Japan enter a new era of cooperation.

Renewed annual operation signifies ‘perceptible improvement’ in relations.

Vladimir Putin is among a large majority who regret the collapse of the ussr.

Japan is entering a new era of militarism reminiscent of its past.

Controversy over U.S. Marine base could lead to Japan’s remilitarization.

China shows its will to use military force against Taiwan.

Russian aggression in Ukraine is fulfilling Bible prophecy.

Relationship indicates how Russia will lead Asian nations.

China is forcing South China Sea claimant states to do what it wants, and that is laying the groundwork for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

ASEAN was established to give smaller Asian nations a unified voice against China. Now, the group appears to be warming up to China.

Increasing bilateral trade and military cooperation between the two Asian giants fulfills Bible prophecy.

The Taiwanese are bracing for the possibility that China will use military force to attempt to assert control over their island.

Efforts could draw Japan farther away from the U.S. and closer to Russia.

Prime Minister Shinzō Abe steps up efforts to change Japan’s Constitution to allow the creation of a military force by 2020.

The latest sign of rapidly increasing Asian military cooperation

India’s membership in the Shanghai Cooperation Organization boosts Russia’s power.