Sam Livingston

Red Wave in the Midterms?

Why was an investigation about Russia probing someone who had nothing to do with Russia?

Israel has a powerful and uncompromising ‘deep state,’ just like America and Britain.

The Obama administration’s shocking abuse of power in the Manafort case

Throughout his career Churchill had an ardent desire to see the creation of a Jewish state.

Follow the money.

Why has society changed its attitude toward people who hear voices?

Psychiatrists want you to think so.

The Pentagon’s annual assessment on the Chinese military reveals a nation preparing for war.

America’s view of justice is sickening.

The drought-stricken state direly needed rain—but it came in a deluge.

Another halfhearted commitment in the Middle East reveals the opportunity for a different power to step in.

From the ashes of Iraq rises the kingdom of Iran.

Thanks to the nuclear deal, Iran’s military is booming like never before.

An Arabic prayer call just miles from the site of America’s worst terrorist attack

Why can’t America’s Golden State catch a break?

Europeans want a strongman; it won’t be long before they have one.

Germany’s manipulation of the euro was rarely discussed. Until Donald Trump arrived.

President Obama wasn’t the first to offer Iran money in exchange for hostages.

Many people think so. Here’s the danger.

The reason mass shootings have increased threefold since 2011 is because the moral fiber of America is breaking down.

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