Herbert W. Armstrong’s Speech to Japanese Officials and International Ambassadors

Herbert W. Armstrong’s Speech to Japanese Officials and International Ambassadors

Unofficial ambassador for world peace asked message to be delivered to Lebanon, Kuwait, Tunisia, Morocco, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka.

On his first return trip to Japan since complete heart failure in August 1977, Herbert W. Armstrong met with Dr. Makato Fujita, assistant to the president of Tokyo’s Waseda University, the Israeli ambassador and Japanese Prime Minister Masayoshi Ohira, from April 23 through 29, 1979.

A banquet attended by over 250 Japanese businessmen, political elite and international ambassadors was held in Mr. Armstrong’s honor at the Imperial Hotel in Tokyo. His general-consul introduced him by recollecting sentiments expressed by his good friend, brother of the Emperor Hirohito, Prince Mikasa, that Mr. Armstrong was a “spiritual [Henry] Kissinger” who had built bonds physically, educationally, culturally and spiritually worldwide. Of particular note were achievements of the Ambassador International Cultural Foundation’s 42 projects in 26 countries, and also its joint involvement with Japan in archeological excavation in Israel.

“Now, I have been called an ambassador without portfolio, an ambassador for world peace,” Mr. Armstrong told the distinguished assembly as reported in the Worldwide News, May 7, 1979. “But let me say that I am an ambassador, but not without portfolio. I just don’t have a political portfolio. But there is that Unseen Hand from someplace, and that is my authority. And I am here to give you the good news of the world’s only hope at this time now.

“When I talk with heads of government all over the world … I speak with them about their problems and about world conditions, and all of them have problems that are completely beyond their ability to solve. We have gotten into the kind of condition that solving our own problems in this world is completely beyond the abilities of human man. …

“We are now in the very last days of this civilization, of this age, of this present world. I don’t mean with Earth’s existence, I mean the type of civilization that we have in this Earth. … The problems of the heads of state, heads of government, are greater than they and all those under them know how to solve. Conditions are going to get worse before they get better.

“But I want to say to you that that Unseen Hand from someplace has not been known, has not been recognized. What you do not see, you do not believe in. But that Unseen Hand from someplace is going to come and solve our problems for us. That Unseen Hand is a direct person who is unseen to us, who created us and all that exists. And He is soon coming to this Earth again. And when He comes He is going to give us peace in every nation on this Earth.

“For 6,000 years, men have been trying to rule and govern themselves, and to solve their own problems, and we have not been able to solve them. But the Creator of us all, who made all the races of mankind of one blood to dwell on the face of this Earth, is coming to rule over all of us and bring us hope and peace and eternal life. What a wonderful gift to everyone on this Earth.

“I do not expect you believe what I say tonight. I don’t ask you to believe it. But I am simply telling you. What we believe has nothing to do with it at all, because the One I am speaking of who is not seen by human eyes is going to come no matter what we do, and solve our problems for us, and peace and happiness and joyfulness and universal prosperity is coming to Japan and to every other nation on this Earth, and in our lifetime. We are in the generation that is going to see it.

“I have not said these things to convince anybody one way or the other. I do not ask you to believe me. I am telling you, I am giving you the announcement, and it is the voice, the only voice of the only hope in this world today.”

In conclusion, Mr. Armstrong challenged the international dignitaries present whose countries he personally visited, by saying, “I want to say that I think so well of all you, and of ambassadors that are here from other countries around the world. I want you to take this good message to your people, that absolute solution of all of the world’s problems is coming. It’s going to be done for us. And so with that, I say thank you and goodnight.”

Amazingly, in response, Chairman of the Policymaking Institute of Japan Katsumi Ono said, “You have contributed to Japan both spiritually and physically. As you mentioned, we are losing the spiritual element in our life. We need a spiritual leader like you, particularly in Japan” (ibid).

Twenty-six years onward from the death of this unofficial ambassador for world peace with “spiritual portfolio,” there remains a lone voice, as he noted, “giving you the announcement, and it is the voice, the only voice of the only hope in this world today.”

The Unseen Hand has not left us in silence. Through the lone voice, He has raised from the ruins the physical, educational, cultural and spiritual legacy of Japan’s desired “spiritual leader” (Matthew 24:14; Isaiah 22:20-22; Amos 9:11). Whether culturally via the Armstrong International Cultural Foundation, educationally by Herbert W. Armstrong College, or spiritually through the work of the Philadelphia Church of God and its sponsorship of the Trumpet and Key of David broadcast, that lone voice prophesies again (Revelation 10:11) in advance of the imminent arrival of the Unseen Hand at whose voice all ears will hear, fear and revere (Revelation 21:1-7).

Today, Prince Mikasa and all of Japan’s leaders can be encouraged by the revival of the relationship between their former archeological partner, the Ambassador International Cultural Foundation, and Israel. The ongoing achievements of the foundation’s successor, the Armstrong International Cultural Foundation, include an exclusive world premiere exhibit of historic finds from the palace of King David, featuring seals of the ancient Prophet Jeremiah’s captors as recounted in Jeremiah 38. Some of the most significant artifacts ever discovered in Jerusalem remain on display at America’s newest and finest performing arts facility, Armstrong Auditorium. It’s an exhibit you should plan to visit.