Germany: Building Europe’s Biggest Battery Factory

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Germany: Building Europe’s Biggest Battery Factory

Goal is to become number 1 vendor for electric cars.

The German government is planning a spectacular new battery cell factory to be constructed in the state of Saxony. It will produce the best lithium-based product, transforming the auto industry and dominating market share. In the spirit of economic lebensraum, it will be the largest instillation of its kind in Europe.

At the end of October 2012, German officials traveled to the Batteries 2012 convention in Nice, France, eager to inform manufacturing partners of the planned factory and its cutting-edge product, with the goal of establishing strong sales pipelines.

“Discover market opportunities in Germany,” read the banner advertisement for Germany Trade and Investment (gtai) on the official Batteries convention website. Keynote speakers hailed from Japan, India, North America and Europe, but they were unsurprisingly dominated by a battery of German captains of the energy industry.

Thomas Grigoleit, renewable energy expert at gtai in Berlin, stated, “To realize the leading position Germany has taken in the field of electromobility, one must analyze the numbers. There are 1.72 million electric and hybrid cars in Europe, of which Germany claims 670,000. If R&D continues to increase in terms of funding and in the generation of intellectual capital, this number could potentially almost double by 2020.”

The national business and job market is watching closely, as the aggressive plan requires confirmation of integrity of price, product life cycle and charging, combined with foreign investment, in order to propel the project to its intended lithium summit.

Germany’s goal, as with numerous other markets, is to become the Continent’s most dominant vendor for electric cars and parts supply. Berlin’s Environment Ministry is so confident of the project’s success that it forecasts some 30,000 extra employment opportunities as its result.

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