Kiall Lorenz

Migrant Gangs Rule German Streets

‘Wear tennis shoes instead of high heels so that you can run away.’

President Obama continues to alienate his allies.

Israel knows it cannot rely on America.

Will next year be a souped-up version of 2014?

As the family goes, so does the nation.

Such an army would fulfill Bible prophecy

Hiring illegal immigrants just became more lucrative—at the expense of the American citizen.

The alliance strengthens.

Hundreds of thousands of Americans may be at the mercy of Russia.

Britain’s anti-EU party gets its first elected member of Parliament, while the EU makes itself more unpopular than ever.

‘Every immigrant who comes here should be required within five years to learn English or leave the country.’

Wouldn’t you love to have your ‘birl’ or ‘goy’ sent there?

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