Brent Nagtegaal

With Enemies Like These, Who Needs Friends?

The Taliban and Iran are not enemies. They are fighting for the same team, and Iran is king.

Iran not only planned for the eventual exit of the United States from Afghanistan; it has worked with the Taliban for almost a decade to bring it about.

As the world watches the Taliban take over Afghanistan, Bible prophecy demands that we keep focused on the main threat in the Middle East.

The story of an ancient king of Israel carries an urgent lesson for Americans and Israelis in 2021.

Hamas is fighting to push Israel out. So is America.

An America-induced Arab Spring is making its way to the West Bank. And again, it’s the Islamists who will benefit.

With fruits of ‘divine intervention’ the Islamic Republic is filled with unchallenged confidence in its mission.

But can it heal the broken Israel-U.S. brotherhood?

A man who might not have made it to the Knesset is set to become prime minister.

Benjamin Netanyahu understands a vital truth about Israel’s security that his political rivals do not. But will he soon be gone?

Dr. Mazar leaves behind a rich legacy of biblically significant discoveries including the discovery of King David’s palace, Nehemiah’s wall, the Solomonic gate of Jerusalem, as well as numerous discoveries related to biblical figures.

Hamas has successfully leveraged this battle with Israel to become the dominant power in Palestinian affairs.

One million Israelis flee to bomb shelters to escape the attack.

Major riots in East Jerusalem bring one of the Bible’s most critical prophecies into focus. And it’s being egged on by the United States.

Closely watch events in this tinderbox region.

The United States is in the midst of its greatest betrayal of the Jewish state, and Americans aren’t even aware of it.

Israel’s recent attacks in the Red Sea expose Iran’s prophesied takeover.

As the United States begins to renegotiate the nuclear deal with Iran, prominent authors at the National Review believe Iran might already have the bomb and is just waiting for the perfect time to use it.

American foreign policy returns to empowering Iran.

A leak about Israeli attacks on Iran’s ships is just the opening scene where America justifies empowering Iran at the expense of the State of Israel.

Don’t believe the talk from Biden’s spokespeople; America is actively supporting Iran’s takeover of the Middle East.

As the Biden administration fails to deter Iranian aggression, American troops become sitting ducks in Iraq.

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