Brent Nagtegaal

Chief Architect of Iran’s Nuclear Weapons Program Assassinated

War clouds build in the Middle East as Israel ponders a return to a frosty relationship with America.

Advanced centrifuges are now hooked up and ready to spin—underground.

Has President Trump finally realized that it’s impossible to sever Iraq from Iran?

The United Arab Emirates will receive F-35 fighter jets in a secret side deal of the peace accord with Israel.

Get ready for a massive restructuring of the Middle East—starting in Lebanon.

The reason for the historic agreement between the United Arab Emirates and Israel holds a clue as to how it will end.

Warming ties between Israel and the Gulf states expose Iran and Turkey vying for control of the Islamic world. The Bible reveals who will win.

But is there a hidden danger in warming relations with the Gulf states?

In the wake of the Beirut blast, did the French president just become the most important man in Lebanon?

If Hezbollah is to blame, this blast could set all Lebanon on fire.

Is Iran helping out a friend or vying for control in America’s backyard?

‘Great Prophet’ war games are another sign of Iran’s desire to control the Persian Gulf.

Violent protests have reached all the way to Jerusalem.

In October, Iranian pilots could be buzzing overhead in Russian or Chinese fighter jets.

Israel resorts to clandestine attacks to stop Iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon.

The latest iteration of the ongoing Russia collusion hoax to bring down Donald Trump

The only evidence of collusion found in General Flynn’s phone calls was between the Obama administration and anti-Israel forces at the United Nations.

The story of the high court’s slide into lawlessness

Long overdue Caesar Act comes into effect in an attempt to overturn Obama’s Syria failure.

Is Iran about to consolidate power in America’s backyard?

How Israel could lose the most important strategic asset of the Egypt-Israel Peace Treaty

New documents surface from long-sealed Vatican archive.

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