Brent Nagtegaal

The Left’s Latest Unhinged Efforts to Take Down Netanyahu

Israel’s anti-Zionist left is being exposed.

Israel’s resurgence set to continue under Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

How long will this temporary Arab-Israeli alliance last?

Everything that could go wrong is going wrong for the Iranian regime.

Lacking international support, the Palestinian delegation departs the UN without a vote against President Trump’s peace plan.

In the shadow of Trump’s ‘deal of the century,’ Hamas calls for escalating confrontations with Israel.

Iran’s terrorist mastermind is dead. What’s next for the Middle East?

Democracy has failed. Strongman rule or religious tribalism appear to be the only options.

President Trump has restored deterrence against Iranian attack. Will he now turn over Iraq?

In a nighttime attack, United States forces take down Iran’s most important man.

Thankfully, there are still a few archaeologists who value the Bible as the ‘go-to source’ for excavating the land of the Bible.

Sowing the seeds of a violent clash

And Europe’s two faces on anti-Semitism

Massive protests in Iraq and Lebanon seek to nullify 40 years of Iranian work. Will they succeed? Bible prophecy answers.

And the EU institutionalizes anti-Semitism with ‘settlement’ label ruling

And the [in]significance of the death of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi

America’s policy of sanctions and military restraint means someone else will have to confront Iran. Bible prophecy shows whom it will be.

Warning signs for Israel as Bolton leaves Trump’s cabinet over softening Iran policy

And a radical Houthi state comes closer to reality.

And Australia joins the U.S.-UK mission in the Persian Gulf to protect shipping from Iran.

And what Israel is doing to protect itself

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