Brent Nagtegaal

America’s policy of sanctions and military restraint means someone else will have to confront Iran. Bible prophecy shows whom it will be.

Warning signs for Israel as Bolton leaves Trump’s cabinet over softening Iran policy

And a radical Houthi state comes closer to reality.

And Australia joins the U.S.-UK mission in the Persian Gulf to protect shipping from Iran.

And what Israel is doing to protect itself

Massive remains from biblical Gath have been unearthed.

And the United Kingdom wants a European force to protect shipping out of the Persian Gulf.

America has a strategy to sideline Hezbollah in Lebanon, but will it work?

What happened to Britain’s slow-moving, timid foreign policy?

But you won’t find that in the reporting or the scientific study.

Trump’s high-pressure strategy could chasten Iran—or provoke it.

A look at history illuminates the present.

Iran’s fingerprints are on a bold attack against the oil trade and the global economy.

And an opposition party in Istanbul tops Erdoğan in opinion polls.

Governments are falling in North Africa again. The resulting storms could wreak havoc.

New archaeological discovery in Jerusalem adds to evidence of the great biblical king’s reign.

The New York Times seems to think so.

Calibrating Israel’s true military might while taking cover in a shrapnel-ridden house

The decision to label the irgc as a terrorist organization may drive Syria and Lebanon away from Iran.

And Iran orders rocket attack on Israel.

After 40 years of struggle, Iran has finally subdued Iraq. Now it sets its sights on the greater prize.

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