Brent Nagtegaal

The United States is in the midst of its greatest betrayal of the Jewish state, and Americans aren’t even aware of it.

Israel’s recent attacks in the Red Sea expose Iran’s prophesied takeover.

As the United States begins to renegotiate the nuclear deal with Iran, prominent authors at the National Review believe Iran might already have the bomb and is just waiting for the perfect time to use it.

American foreign policy returns to empowering Iran.

A leak about Israeli attacks on Iran’s ships is just the opening scene where America justifies empowering Iran at the expense of the State of Israel.

Don’t believe the talk from Biden’s spokespeople; America is actively supporting Iran’s takeover of the Middle East.

As the Biden administration fails to deter Iranian aggression, American troops become sitting ducks in Iraq.

If personnel is policy, Israel is about to be on the receiving end of Obama’s third term.

Echoes of an ancient prophecy are playing out on the Eastern Syrian battlefield.

Echoes of the deep state’s efforts to take down President Trump found in Israel’s investigations against a sitting prime minister.

As Israel goes to the fourth election in two years, the Supreme Court declares itself more powerful than the Knesset.

The unprecedented pace of President Trump’s negotiations raises the question: Is God somehow involved?

War clouds build in the Middle East as Israel ponders a return to a frosty relationship with America.

Advanced centrifuges are now hooked up and ready to spin—underground.

Has President Trump finally realized that it’s impossible to sever Iraq from Iran?

Get ready for a massive restructuring of the Middle East—starting in Lebanon.

The United Arab Emirates will receive F-35 fighter jets in a secret side deal of the peace accord with Israel.

The reason for the historic agreement between the United Arab Emirates and Israel holds a clue as to how it will end.

Warming ties between Israel and the Gulf states expose Iran and Turkey vying for control of the Islamic world. The Bible reveals who will win.

But is there a hidden danger in warming relations with the Gulf states?

In the wake of the Beirut blast, did the French president just become the most important man in Lebanon?

If Hezbollah is to blame, this blast could set all Lebanon on fire.

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