Brent Nagtegaal

A struggle over an American pastor reveals the new reality of Turkish-American relations.

President Trump says he is willing to sit down with Iran anytime.

Proof that Iran’s strategy in Yemen is working

On a visit to Amman, the German chancellor confirms support for Jordan in the face of Iranian aggression.

Turkey has effectively become an autocratic state that can be dominated by Erdoğan for the next decade.

The latest foolhardy attack to take down biblical kings David and Solomon

Macron’s participation in strikes against Assad might herald a new era of European intervention in Syria.

The European Union is taking aim at archaeological excavations in the City of David.

This leader with a Ph.D. in history has a habit of rewriting it.

Instead of bolstering Jewish heritage in the land, Israel’s own archaeologists are using their position of trust to deny Israel’s history.

The story of a ‘brief window of time, fated never to open again’

A lost opportunity to discuss the dramatic discoveries in ancient Jerusalem

Fatah prime minister visits Gaza; but the power remains with Hamas.

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