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Russia may divide the West and offer Europe a chance for euro reserve currency status.
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And will it stop there? 
April 16, 2014  •  # $

America’s news stations are so bad that the government needs to step in and make sure Americans get the news they need. Before February 21, this was the position of the Obama administration. That was when the Federal Communications Commission (fcc) came under intense criticism for its plan to put government observers into radio stations, television and even newspaper newsrooms to make sure Americans were getting the “critical news.”

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April 14, 2014  •  # $
How long before all Americans will be required to subsidize sex-change operations?
April 11, 2014  •  # $
House prices and debt levels are hitting new records; be worried.
April 1, 2014  •  # $

Some British government-run hospitals have been incinerating aborted and miscarried babies to generate heat. A recent report shows that this practice has been part of the National Health Service’s “waste to energy” policy for the past couple of years. The service considered these 15,500 dead babies “clinical waste” and burned their bodies.

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March 19, 2014  •  # $
America’s response to Russia is weak for a reason.
February 24, 2014  •  # $
How do we know that raising the minimum wage will end poverty? Because I said so.