Christopher Eames

USNS Harvey Milk: ‘May God Bless This Ship’?

Seventy years on, Herbert W. Armstrong’s prophecy has held true, with the media now echoing him almost word for word.

Is the hatred of Jews really ‘no different’ from any other?

How the late Dr. Eilat Mazar’s last-released discovery fits alongside a peculiar Bible verse about the infant Jesus

America’s expenditure on covid-19 equals the combined gdp of 135 nations.

A deadly shooting in New Zealand downs two officers even as protesters decry ‘police brutality’ and the commissioner pledges to keep police unarmed.

Can America’s president make the deal of his life?

Dinosaurs, the Ice Age, cavemen: Is the biblical timeline really at odds with scientific discoveries?

A stark warning from Britain’s chief rabbi should Jeremy Corbyn get into power

A massive archaeological excavation has yielded further proof of Israel’s greatest-ever monarch.

A document describing Egypt’s sudden downfall is suspiciously similar to the Exodus account.

Rare First Temple period seal impression provides first proof of one of King Josiah’s aides.

Recent scientific evidence corroborates an ‘impossible’ biblical miracle.

Archaeology unearths historical fact—and proves the biblical record at the same time.

Was the miracle of Joshua’s long day just an eclipse?

Archaeology unearths historical fact—and proves the biblical record at the same time.

Evolution, the Bible and archaeology provide two opposing answers.

Another barmy army advertising attempt—another nail in Britain’s coffin

An unlikely royal honor paid to the ‘world’s oldest profession’

The discovery of the Isaiah bulla adds to the evidence supporting the Bible.

Again, the ‘stones speak’—and verify the biblical account.

Evidence that the biblical patriarch influenced ancient scientific genius

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