Mark Jenkins

Beware Our Present-Tense Culture

Choose quality entertainment in a depraved world.

A determined, dangerous army is working to take down the mightiest nation on Earth—but nobody even knows who the soldiers are.

Why the office should not be maligned.

Why the office of the president demands our respect

For thousands of years, people have gathered at sunrise on Sunday to worship. Even before the Catholic Church began, Romans would face the east and worship the rising sun. That pagan sun worship is, in fact, the origin of the name Sunday, just as the name Thursday refers to the worship of the Norse god Thor.

Many professing Christians are indignantly insisting that people stop de-Christifying the celebration of Christmas in the name of political correctness. Are they even aware of this holiday’s decidedly non-Christian origins?

The Day of Atonement shows us that, without God’s help, we cannot tell Jesus Christ apart from Satan the devil.

As scientists run their biggest race, the U.S. falls behind Europe for good.

Nightmarish disasters in Myanmar and China killed 200,000 people. Why does God allow such incomprehensible suffering?

Jesus said He would be in the grave three days and three nights. But Good Friday to Easter Sunday would make the Messiah out to be a liar. What is the truth about Christ’s resurrection?

Job’s suffering can teach us to see the way God sees.

After almost 10 years, the EU’s battle with Microsoft is over—and the EU is the decisive winner.

The Continent is imposing its standards on foreign technology companies.

An ominous sign for Prime Minister Olmert’s planned handover of the West Bank.

U.S. technology companies are increasingly subject to European standards.

As scientists run their biggest race, the U.S. falls hopelessly behind Europe.

Historically intolerant Tehran is silencing dissent all the more in the face of domestic unrest.

After decades of finding that space is devoid of life, science believes it may have found the answer: redefine “life.”

If Orthodox and Protestant churches want unity with the pope, they will have to convert to Catholicism.

As scientists run their biggest race, the U.S. falls hopelessly behind Europe.

Understanding America’s profound heritage

Understanding America’s profound heritage

At the most dangerous moment in history, the G-8 confronts global warming—and the UN secretary general identifies greenhouse gasses as a cause for war.

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