Mark Jenkins

The House of Lords’ decision hampers the military and opens the floodgates for a stream of claims abroad.

Al Qaeda’s latest attack undermines Iraqi confidence in the U.S. military and an already fragile Iraqi government. But the real winner is Iran.

Criminals are favored over victims. The thought police undermine the real police.

Higher education tolerates everybody (as long as you think like them).

There is a real crisis in today’s education—but what is it?

For many, it is no longer enough to drown conservatives out; the liberal, anti-God establishment is trying to silence the conservative voice altogether.

Plain truths about what many Christians consider the holiest day of the year

The search for truth leaves some scientists in the cold.

The search for the truth leaves some scientists in the cold.

Tracking Iran’s steps to dominate its neighbors

Many Christians are indignantly insisting that people stop de-Christifying the celebration of Christmas in the name of political correctness. Are they even aware of this holiday’s decidedly non-Christian origins?

Though the Palestinian government controlled by Hamas is under sanctions, many nations are working to slip the lost income back to it.

Questioning the biology of bad behavior

The debate over illegal immigration shows a fundamental misunderstanding of what’s at stake: the nation itself.

The United States’ southern neighbors are installing unfriendly leftist governments. Should Washington even give it a second thought?

Understanding America’s profound heritage.

The Supreme Court has become our most powerful national institution—but what is it doing?

The world waits to see whether Jews or Arabs will control the Holy Land. But is anyone watching the Vatican?

While China perfects a timeless art, American interests become dangerously vulnerable.

While China perfects a timeless art, American interests become dangerously vulnerable.

Antiviral drugs have been rendered obsolete by viruses that are becoming resistant in startlingly quick fashion. Not a reassuring development as the world sits on the cusp of a pandemic.

The oil-for-food scandal was an international embarrassment—but it’s just one example in an organization rife with corruption.

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