Josué Michels

Desperation and division are growing amidst Germany’s political uncertainty.

Germany hires Israel’s Rafael and France’s Atos to prepare for future warfare.

Leaders with one mind are rising in Europe to drastically change the Continent’s future.

Though the green wave may not sweep through all of Europe, a more important trend is gaining momentum.

Why Macron’s attempts to revive the Holy Roman Empire will succeed

The time for European unity is now or never.

It’s an ominous sign when Germany uses religion and the military to promote peace in the Middle East.

‘Barbaric’ acts of anti-Semitism again plague Europe.

Emmanuel Macron appears to be rising as Europe’s strongman, while Germany waits in the background.

How Europe’s efforts to create a European superstate will finally succeed

Germany’s foreign minister called on the U.S. to mind its own business; but more than business is at stake.

Germany gives Vladimir Putin free reign, for now.

Germany’s peacekeeping missions are gradually being weaponized.

A Holocaust memorial in Berlin revives the past in hopes of changing the future.

Merkel’s term is nearing its end; it may come a lot sooner than you expect.

While Israel is under constant attacks, Germany is presenting itself as a strategic ally.

A renewed Catholic Europe is about to change the course of this world.

Germany is seeking more independence from the U.S. and closer ties with China—just as prophesied.

Berlin’s political turmoil is about to have a drastic end.

The U.S. and Germany may be in for their last ride.

Under Turkish command, German tanks are rolling through Syria.

‘Confidence in the government’s performance, as well as political stability, has fallen in almost a landslide.’

A prophesied alliance is finding its prophesied leader.

Germany’s overall economy is struggling, but weapons exports are flourishing, indicating an ominous trend.

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