Josué Michels

Has America more fault in the war than Vladimir Putin?

Germany’s imperialistic ambition in open display

The government has the means to know whom you talk to, what you talk about, and whom you connect with on social media and in the real world.

Bible prophecy has the answer.

Signs that the dollar’s end is near

U.S. complacency alarms its allies.

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz appears arrogant and unwilling to change course despite opposition.

Decades of negotiations may come to an end.

Beware France’s cooperation with Germany.

How will the predicament end?

How the imperialistic goals of German industrialists prevailed

More signs of German-Russian cooperation

If you understand these companies’ roots, you understand Germany’s and Russia’s future.

It is becoming increasingly clear who Germany is really standing in solidarity with.

Arrow 3 might be Germany’s ‘long-term plan against Iran.’

Sunday’s election results prophesy doom for the country.

Israel and the U.S. are arming Germany.

Warfare is becoming increasingly complex and dangerous. Few understand the ramifications.

We are getting a glimpse into what these powers are capable of.

The vast majority approves of an immediate dramatic militarization—but legislators struggle with the immediate and the dramatic.

An expected turnaround

Germany offers to provide the core unit.

A fascinating, and chilling, historical case study

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