Josué Michels

How will Germany’s political turmoil end?

Seventy-five years after the bombing of Dresden is not too late to learn from history.

‘Right-wing extremists have become unpredictable.’

The man people say could replace Chancellor Merkel

German media opposition to Donald Trump is boiling over.

In light of the rise of Germany’s far right and far left, strong leadership is more needed now than ever.

President Trump has led Europe to rethink its military.

Saudi Arabia’s government hasn’t changed; neither has Germany’s relationship with it.

A new Bundeswehr initiative signals a transfer of power in procurement to Army leaders.

What’s worse: a political deadlock or cooperating with the far right?

French territorial claims in Jerusalem appear more important to Macron than remembering the victims of the Holocaust.

Desperation and division are growing amidst Germany’s political uncertainty.

Germany hires Israel’s Rafael and France’s Atos to prepare for future warfare.

Leaders with one mind are rising in Europe to drastically change the Continent’s future.

Though the green wave may not sweep through all of Europe, a more important trend is gaining momentum.

Why Macron’s attempts to revive the Holy Roman Empire will succeed

The time for European unity is now or never.

It’s an ominous sign when Germany uses religion and the military to promote peace in the Middle East.

‘Barbaric’ acts of anti-Semitism again plague Europe.

Emmanuel Macron appears to be rising as Europe’s strongman, while Germany waits in the background.

How Europe’s efforts to create a European superstate will finally succeed

Germany’s foreign minister called on the U.S. to mind its own business; but more than business is at stake.

Germany gives Vladimir Putin free reign, for now.

Germany’s peacekeeping missions are gradually being weaponized.

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