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Brad Macdonald

Germany’s Lame-duck Government

It’s likely that in the coming weeks and months Germany will move toward a much larger, and much more significant, political crisis.

Why an Angela Merkel victory in the German elections actually ought to alarm us.

Those who say Germany’s election is ‘boring’ are not watching Germany closely enough.

Why you should be very worried about Germany’s politics.

Germany’s rock-star politician is returning to the stage.

Highlights from Brad Macdonald’s interview with the son of Adolf Hitler’s personal attorney

Forget about Harry Styles, the real protagonist of Dunkirk was God.

An interview with the son of a Nazi war criminal

Many in Britain are tired of the platitudes that follow a terrorist attack and simply want Islamist terrorism confronted and stopped, once and for all. The problem is, there is no consensus in Britain on the cause of Islamist terrorism nor the best way to solve the problem.

Britain is cursed. But there is one way to reverse the curse and make the UK great again.

Merkel’s explosive remarks following Trump’s visit reveal changes in the U.S.-Europe relationship.

Without Judea and Samaria, there is no independent Jewish nation.

Trumpet analyst Brad Macdonald explains two noteworthy developments relating to Germany this week.

Instead of changing the behavior that caused the crisis, we return as quickly as possible to behaving exactly the same way.

Events in Syria and North Korea have caused many over the past few days to Google ‘World War III.’ But is Armageddon really imminent?

Trumpet analysts Brad Macdonald and Richard Palmer discuss what happens next.

Trumpet analysts Brad Macdonald and Brent Nagtegaal discuss the tension between Turkey and Europe and what it might mean for future relations between the two.

Instead of quickly moving on, Britain ought to be asking some soul-searching questions.

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