A Scroll Through Europe

Policemen stand guard in front of the Reichstag building.

A Scroll Through Europe

The images coming out of Europe tell an alarming and frightening story.

We are all familiar with the maxim, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” In today’s Trumpet Brief, I’ve compiled some photos and videos that have come out of Germany and Europe in recent weeks.

The images are sobering and frightening. In Germany, unvaccinated children are made to stand in front of the class and explain why they haven’t gotten the jab, some stores are hanging signs telling the unvaccinated to stay away, and police violently abuse and even arrest those who protest the government’s covid-19 regulations.

Across Europe, many thousands detest the undemocratic behavior of their leaders. There are regular large protests across the Continent (which are barely reported). But still, the majority of Europeans remain silent and submissive. These images don’t merely tell the story of despotic governments in pursuit of unchecked power. They tell the story of populaces becoming unnervingly comfortable with dictatorial leadership and a Continent being conditioned for a strongman.

After you have scrolled through these images, take a few minutes to read “Coronavirus and the Holy Roman Empire,” by Trumpet editor in chief Gerald Flurry. Written almost 18 months ago, early on in the global covid-19 pandemic, his article forecast the scenes coming out of Germany and Europe right now.

The coronavirus is hastening the arrival of the prophesied Holy Roman Empire,” Mr. Flurry warned. “The coronavirus is causing more and more people in Europe to talk about the need for a strongman. … There is a lack of leadership to effectively deal with the virus and economic issues. People want that vacuum filled.”

Scroll through these images and videos, and you will soon agree that this forecast is now well on its way to being fulfilled. Europe is transforming—and not for the better.