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Brad Macdonald

Though refreshing, President Trump’s decision did not solve Israel’s problems.

As significant as Donald Trump’s announcement was, all he did was publicly recognize a 4,000-year-old truth.

Sex scandals highlight a massive problem—but we can’t solve it unless we correctly define it.

Accomplishment without humility quickly ends in ruin

The nation has reached a new level of ambiguity and political instability.

How many more will board the transgender bandwagon?

Many genuinely believe traditional masculinity is destroying our nations.

Is it possible to finally bring peace to Jerusalem?

What does this mean for Germany, and for Europe?

Voters handed the political establishment a beating. The nation may not have a government for months. When it comes, it will be divided and weak. Germany’s recent election portends greater crisis to come.

Across the world, nations, communities, families and individuals have been deceived into believing they have peace and stability.

It’s likely that in the coming weeks and months Germany will move toward a much larger, and much more significant, political crisis.

Why an Angela Merkel victory in the German elections actually ought to alarm us.

Those who say Germany’s election is ‘boring’ are not watching Germany closely enough.

Why you should be very worried about Germany’s politics.

Germany’s rock-star politician is returning to the stage.

Highlights from Brad Macdonald’s interview with the son of Adolf Hitler’s personal attorney

Forget about Harry Styles, the real protagonist of Dunkirk was God.

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