COP26 and Barack Obama’s War Cry

Former U.S .President Barack Obama after delivering a speech while attending day nine of the COP26 at SECC on November 8.
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COP26 and Barack Obama’s War Cry

“You have witchcraft in your lips,” says King Henry in Shakespeare’s Henry V. England’s king is talking to Princess Catherine, daughter of the French king. “There is more eloquence in a sugar touch of them [Kate’s lips] than in the tongues of the French council ….”

I read this line recently and couldn’t help but think of Barack Obama and the bewitching effect he continues to have over people. On Monday, the powers of America’s former president, and the mystical clutch he has on so many, were on display at the cop26 climate change summit in Glasgow, Scotland.

Writing from Glasgow, National Review columnist Kevin Williamson compared Obama to some sort of global spiritual leader. “Obama was in his familiar archbishop mode, preaching against the sins of the people,” he wrote. Listening to Obama sermonize on climate change, Williamson said that it was “impossible not to read this in religious or quasi-religious terms.”

Williamson’s analogy is more than merely apt, it is reality. There is a spiritual dimension to Barack Obama—and to his speeches and so much of what he does—that most people simply do not understand. There is, indeed, “witchcraft” in his lips.

Mr. Obama’s cop26 address was one of the longest and most significant he has delivered since he left office. It was also, as David Keltz at the Federalist noted, one of his most transparent. Read the script, or better yet, watch the speech, and you’ll see that it was evil cloaked in righteousness, a message of war delivered in the language of peace.

One key moment occurs 21 minutes in. “Let’s face it,” he said, “this is not just about raw numbers. This is not just about science. This is about politics. It’s about culture. It’s about morality. It’s about the human dynamic. How do we work together to get a big thing done? And it’s about participation and power” (emphasis added throughout).

By his own admission, climate change isn’t about the data. It’s not about rising ocean levels, thawing polar ice caps and epic droughts. Climate change is about politics, culture and morality, all fundamental dimensions of the human experience. And what does he mean exactly when he says this is about “the human dynamic”?

Whenever Obama speaks, it’s always in the language of the transcendent. He speaks with an absolute intellectual and moral superiority, as if he sees where others cannot and understands the human condition better than everyone else. “It’s not just that we can’t afford to go backward. We can’t afford to stay where we are. The world has to step up and it has to step up now.” He sounds like a Greek or Roman demigod, presiding over the room like Peitho, the Greek goddess of persuasion.

It’s not just the tone and language. His words reveal a message and an ambition that clearly go far beyond merely curbing carbon emissions. What does he mean when he asks, “How do we work together to get a big thing done?” What exactly is this “big thing”?

The key to understanding an Obama speech is to consider the message in the context of the larger Obama tableau. It’s important to remember who this man is. In his 1995 autobiography, Dreams From My Father, Obama admitted that he was profoundly influenced by Frank Marshall Davis, a card-carrying member of the Communist Party usa. Other known mentors include the terrorist Bill Ayers, the Black Liberation preacher Jeremiah Wright and Saul Alinsky, the socialist community organizer who devoted his book (Rules for Radicals) to Lucifer.

Much has been documented about Obama’s hostility toward traditional America; toward free-market capitalism; toward the military; toward the nation’s Judeo-Christian heritage; toward the founding fathers and the Constitution. Barack Obama is on record saying racism remains a “part of [America’s] dna.” And who can forget the 2008 speech on the eve of the election in which he said he was five days from “fundamentally transforming the United States of America.”

For Obama, climate change is an instrument he can use to “fix” these issues, to fundamentally change America. He wants to use climate change to redefine Western-style capitalism and governance (“politics”), and to dismantle our Judeo-Christian heritage (“culture” and “morality”). He sees climate change as a tool to control the “human dynamic.”

Some might argue that Obama’s presence at cop26 wasn’t especially noteworthy. He has long been one of the world’s most famous climate change activists, so it isn’t surprising that he went to Glasgow. But ever since he left office, Obama hasn’t participated in many big global events like this (he’s made only a handful of public appearances in America). While he has obviously been active behind the scenes, working in his sweats from his basement, controlling the Biden White House, cop26 was a big moment for him.

Obama’s presence in Glasgow shows how important of an instrument climate change is in the radical left’s overarching goal to destroy America and its Anglo-Saxon allies!

(Is Obama’s very public presence at Glasgow also a sign that he is about to return to the public eye?)

Obama’s presence at cop26—not to mention the summit’s sheer size and length (almost two weeks)—is also interesting in the context of covid-19 and the global pandemic. For socialist-minded, law-hating, big-government-loving globalists like Obama and countless other elites around the world, covid-19 presented a historic opportunity to advance their Marxist, totalitarian agenda. Across the globe, world leaders have exploited measures like lockdowns, mask mandates and vaccine passports to eliminate constitutional restrictions on governmental power, to limit individual rights, and to expand governmental power.

As covid-19 fades, these people will search for ways to hold onto their unprecedented level of control and power.

Don’t be surprised if climate change becomes covid 2.0, the next global man-made crisis designed to upend democracy and equip world leaders with dictatorial powers! Time will tell, but perhaps this is what cop26 was all about: manufacturing the next global crisis.

Back to Obama’s speech. Starting around the 26-minute mark, the rest of the 46-minute address was a rousing call to arms directed squarely at youth. He is especially deadly when he’s conversing with young people, most of whom are naive and ignorant in the presence of someone as brilliant and well versed in deception as Obama.

“My message to young people begins with acknowledging you are right to be frustrated,” he said. “Folks in my generation have not done enough to deal with a potentially cataclysmic problem that you now stand in here.” He praised the way young people are rising up against their parents and the older generation. “They are forming a movement across borders to make the older generation that got us into this mess see that we all have an obligation to dig ourselves out of it. And if those older folks won’t listen, they need to get out of the way.”

He told youth to set their parents straight on the issue of climate change. “While you’re at it, you need to help educate your parents and grandparents, your uncles and aunts, your teachers, your employers; because while a dangerously warming planet is a reality that a lot of you have grown up with as young people, you’ve studied it in school, you’ve read about, it’s been part of the backdrop of your childhood, members of the older generation don’t have that same frame of reference.”

Sharing advice he supposedly received from his mother, he admonished the young: “Don’t sulk. Get busy. Get to work and change what needs to be changed.” He applauded the efforts of young climate change activists, including Greta Thunberg and Louisa Neubauer. He encouraged the young to step up and fix the mistakes of their parents and the older generation.

When it comes to the environment, we all want it to be clean. Man certainly needs to make some changes in the way we treat this planet, and there are some remarkable technologies available that could be used to reduce our impact on the environment. But our approach to the environment needs to be rational and considered; it needs to be holistic, taking into account all of the various factors so we don’t completely and violently upend human civilization.

This is not the approach Obama, Thunberg and Neubauer want. For these people, it’s not really about climate change or the environment. It’s about “politics,” “culture” and “morality.” It’s about transforming the “human dynamic” so it aligns with their Marxist views. They want to violently tear down the whole system, lock, stock and barrel!

When Barack Obama tells young people to “get busy” and to “change what needs to be changed,” he’s not encouraging polite discourse between young people and their elders. He never encourages followers to value tradition and heritage or to respect their elders. He doesn’t tell them to count the cost, to consider all the facts, to change slowly, cautiously, systematically.

To the contrary, Obama cheers far-reaching, dramatic and even violent action. Remember the riots and protests that erupted across America in the summer of 2020? That June, in the wake of the deadly riots in Minneapolis following the death of George Floyd, Obama said: “When sometimes I feel despair, I just see what’s happening with young people all across the country, and the talent and the voice and the sophistication that they’re displaying. And it makes me feel optimistic. It makes me feel as if, you know, this country’s gonna get better.”

Minneapolis was burning and this man was excited by the “talented,” “sophisticated” young people revolting across the nation!

Here’s how Obama concluded his cop26 speech on Monday. “So to all the young people out there, as well as those of you who consider yourselves young at heart, I want you to stay angry. I want you to stay frustrated, but channel that anger, harness that frustration, keep pushing harder and harder for more and more because that’s what’s required to meet this challenge. Gird yourself for a marathon, not a sprint, for solving a problem this big, this complex and this important has never happened all at once.”

In public speaking, the final minutes of a message are the most important. This is what the audience remembers when they leave. The best orators put a lot of effort into their concluding statements, being sure to leave the essential point of their message engraved on the minds of the audience.

Speaking to young people around the world in one of his biggest speeches since he left the White House, Barack Obama’s final message was: “I want you to stay angry … to stay frustrated, [to] keep pushing harder and harder, for more and more ….” Is this the language of a peacemaker? Of a leader who recognizes how fragile the world is right now and wants to tread cautiously lest it descend into full-blown chaos and conflagration?

To the contrary, this is the language of conflict and confrontation—it’s a war cry.

We all need to really see and understand what is happening here; in the life and work of Barack Obama, with covid-19 and with cop26 and climate change. This isn’t about one man or even one single movement. The problem goes much, much deeper than this, and it is spiritual in nature.

In America Under Attack, Trumpet editor in chief Gerald Flurry explains how Satan the devil has deceived all mankind and operates today as the god of this world. Using biblical passages like Revelation 12, 2 Corinthians 4 and Ephesians 2, he shows how Satan and his demons deceive and influence the whole world. “That’s talking about everybody!” Mr. Flurry writes. “His deception affects this world’s education, its religion, its politics, its science—everything! So says your Bible.”

There was a time when the notion that there is a devil influencing world events might have sounded a little bizarre. And perhaps it still does to some. But more and more, people are looking at this world and seriously wondering if there is indeed a deeper, more spiritual explanation for what is happening. There is, and a big part of that explanation revolves around the fact that the world is controlled by Satan the devil!

Believe it or not, this deeply evil and sinister spirit being is directly influencing many of the events, trends and movements in this world, and even many personalities!

Mr. Flurry wrote America Under Attack in 2012 and it was first published in 2013. This book was written during Barack Obama’s first term as president. It was written long before Donald Trump became president, well before the diabolical Russia collusion scandal and the radical left’s assault on Mr. Trump, before the November 2020 election steal, before covid-19 and the global pandemic, and before Joe Biden became president and continued Obama’s goal of fundamentally transforming America.

Yet in a way, America Under Attack prophesied all of these events. How? Because it revealed the fact that Satan the devil has been cast down to this Earth and is now in control. The book didn’t forecast these events specifically, but it absolutely prophesied that the world would experience change of unprecedented magnitude and impact.

“The devil and millions of demons are now confined to this Earth…. What are these evil spirits doing?” Mr. Flurry asks. “These are beings with awesome power. Surely their being cast down to this Earth would have enormous impact on world affairs. How did it [the devil being cast down] affect this world? And how much is it going to impact your life? … This is earthshaking—even universe-shaking in many ways!” Again, that was written in 2013.

If you can accept this groundbreaking truth about Satan the devil, you can understand this world and what is happening. Indeed, the presence of the devil is the only rational explanation for the irrational, inexplicable and truly historic events unfolding around us. This truth is also the only way to really see and understand the character and the global work of Barack Obama, and even his address this week at cop26.

Understand what is inspiring this man and you will see that he truly does have, as Henry v put it, “witchcraft in [his] lips.”