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Seven Keys to Prayer

Prayer works. God listens. Learn how.

So why is it taking so long?

The history of the German people traces back to biblical origins—and their identity unlocks some of the Bible’s strongest prophecies.

Bubble, bust, bailout. Repeat?

It is one of the most impressive economic and political miracles in modern times. And it isn’t over yet.

If only you had a little more money—you would likely still have the same problems.

Two actions by the British government wage war against the family.

Another corruption case undermines trust in the Anglo-Saxon-led financial system.

The island just got lonelier.

It’s not one of the usual suspects.

A look at President Trump’s ‘Taxpayer First’ proposed budget

The average American has essentially no retirement savings.

Imagine Puerto Rico, times 50.

China will take more than your manufacturing job.

Britain’s departure from Europe is a geopolitically significant event. But did you know Bible prophecy said it would happen?

Do you believe any of them?

—without getting overwhelmed

A key to understanding Bible prophecy

Do you believe any of them?

Proof that the modern Germans descended from ancient Assyria

If you want to understand the dramatic and dangerous changes taking place in the United States today, you need some vital history.

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