Philadelphia Trumpet  •  October-November 2013  •  Volume 24, No. 9
  • Special Archaeology Issue
    Wealth of History
    An ancient Jewish treasure surfaces near the Temple Mount. Why was it left there?
  • Special Archaeology Issue
    From the Editor
    The World’s Most Important Archaeological Dig
  • Q & A With Eilat Mazar
  • Eilat Mazar
    Like a Rock
    An inside look at the character of the extraordinary woman behind the finds
  • King David
    A Palace Fit for a King
  • King Solomon
    The Royal Quarter
  • Joab
    A Secret Tunnel
  • The City’s Earliest Inscriptions
  • Jeremiah
    Enemies of a Prophet
  • Nehemiah
    The Wall Built in 52 Days
  • The Jews
    A Desperate Struggle for Safety
  • Infographic
    The Strata of Jerusalem’s History
  • Welcome to Our Exhibit!
    An insider tour of the renowned ‘Seals of Jeremiah’s Captors Discovered’ exhibit in Armstrong Auditorium 
  • Rewarding Partnership
    The connection between Jerusalem archaeology and a tiny college in America’s heartland 
  • The Tombs of the Kings
    Another future archaeological find in Jerusalem you should stay tuned for 
  • Departments
    Principles of Living
    The Lesson of Hezekiah’s Tunnel
    What are you willing to do to break through to spiritual water?
  • WorldWatch
  • Commentary
    The Armstrong-Mazar Family
    The legacy continues.