Executive Editor

Stephen Flurry

As people are talking about the possibility of another world war, the Biden regime is helping build Germany into a superpower once again.

Overwhelming evidence shows the radical left stole the election by bribing activists and manipulating the elderly.

A prime minister who said he admired Chinese tyranny brings it home to Canadians.

A prime minister who said he admired China’s dictatorship brings it home to Canadians.

‘This is a scandal far greater in scope and magnitude than Watergate.’

It’s getting harder and harder to deny that the 2020 election was stolen from President Donald Trump.

You might recognize the mass hypnosis regarding COVID-19. But there are other near-universal beliefs you need to look into.

The tide is turning against the radical left across the continent.

Marked by a strangely appropriate and predictably disastrous press conference.

The tide is turning in American politics.

The anniversary of the Capitol Hill protest is being weaponized to shut down election audits.

And the propaganda media is censoring you from hearing about it.

The James Webb Space Telescope could open a window into the heavens like never before.

Politicians and public health officials are starting to act like a religious cult in their effort to vaccinate the unwilling.

Democratic elites say that if the 45th president runs for office again, our democracy will die. Is that really what they are afraid of?

Recounts in Maricopa, Dane, Milwaukee and other counties continue to expose election fraud.

Radical leftists are feeling threatened by a Supreme Court that is about to begin pushing back against their ongoing coup.

Demoralizing society, denying history, deferring immigration, defunding police and now ‘decarcerating’ criminals—this is a deliberate attempt to destabilize America.

Who is making the decisions off-camera?

The culture war that Herbert Armstrong prophesied is now here.

The corporate media is already working to bury the details of Darrell Brooks’s latest crime because it doesn’t fit the narrative that ‘there’s nothing more frightening in America today than an angry white man.’

Media coverage of the trial reveals less about the trial than it does about the media.

American political operatives colluding with Russia was true after all.

Trace the deceit-powered strategy that forced through the Obama-Biden regime back to its source.

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