East Palestine, Ohio: Cleanup or Cover-up?

A memorial for someone that was killed by a train in East Palestine, Ohio.
Michael Swensen/Getty Images

East Palestine, Ohio: Cleanup or Cover-up?

Ohioans are suffering a toxic catastrophe, and that isn’t the worst part.

The chemical disaster in East Palestine, Ohio, is probably the worst environmental catastrophe in United States history. But the ongoing reaction to it reveals something even larger that affects more than just the millions who have breathed the toxic air or drunk the toxic water.

On February 3, a 150-car train derailed in East Palestine. About 50 of its cars caught fire and burned for days. Eleven were carrying as much as 300,000 gallons of toxic chemicals. To reduce the chance of a huge explosion and to reduce the amount of chemicals seeping into the ground, authorities intentionally detonated one or more of the cars. Residents looked up from their small Midwest town on February 6 to see the almost unbelievable sight of a wide, black mushroom cloud towering thousands of feet above. That column of smoke, which then spread over roughly 2,000 square miles downwind of the burn site, contained the same substance that has been used in chemical weapons in the past: phosphene gas.

People miles away saw the clouds, smelled the fumes, and suffered sore throats, watering eyes, headaches and nausea. They have gone outside to find their animals lying dead. Much of the unburned chemicals, meanwhile, are seeping silently and invisibly into the soil and into the water. An undetermined amount of vinyl chloride, butyl acrylate, ethylhexyl acrylate and ethylene glycol monobutyl is now mixing with the groundwater, which will become or has already become drinking water. Some of the toxic spill has run off into ditches, streams and rivers. Thousands of fish are floating dead. Videos show that when some parts of the creeks are stirred up with a stick or a rock splashing down, an ominous, colorful shimmering rises to the surface.

These waterways flow into the massive Ohio River, which reportedly has changed color in one area after the spill. About 10 percent of the entire population of the United States lives in the Ohio River Basin.

This is an enormous ecological disaster, no matter who you are or how you look at it. Yet the federal government’s response has been confusing—unless you understand the motivation behind it.

This disaster almost certainly exceeds the damage done by the 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil rig explosion in the Gulf of Mexico. So what reaction would you expect from the national government, especially when the party that holds power supposedly cares more about the environment and about working-class people?

Americans expected at least the typical statements of concern from the president, assurances from the secretary of transportation, assistance from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (fema), and intervention to help the people of East Palestine and the Ohio River Basin. But these reactions have been slow in coming or nonexistent.

That is not an accident. It sends a message.

The Biden administration is conspicuously ignoring this catastrophe and drawing attention instead to things like ufos. Biden has focused little attention on what people are experiencing in East Palestine, many of whom can’t afford to leave the area for any length of time. He left Ohio far behind and took a surprise trip to a place he has poured far more attention—and taxpayer dollars—into: Ukraine.

Biden’s Environmental Protection Agency administrator, Michael Regan, said on Good Morning America on February 17, “All families should feel that their water is safe to drink and the air is clean and breathable in the homes that have been tested.”

Is that good enough for you and your children to shower in, cook with and drink? Would it be good enough for Regan or Biden or shadow president Barack Obama?

Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg let the situation smolder for more than a week, with not so much as a tweet acknowledging that it even happened—before finally making a public appearance on February 13. And he still ignored it. He pointedly skipped even mentioning it in passing and focused instead on what he must think is a bigger problem: There are too many construction workers who are white. More than another week passed with little to no concern shown, and finally he said yesterday that he will visit “when the time is right.”

As the emergency unfolded, Ohio Governor Mike DeWine inquired about aid from fema. fema leaders told him that this situation—huge amounts of vinyl chloride, butyl acrylate, ethylhexyl acrylate and ethylene glycol monobutyl in the water and soil, and phosphene gas in the air—failed to rise to the level of a traditional disaster. But then they reversed that decision. Why?

Buttigieg and fema finally relented only after Donald Trump announced that he would visit East Palestine to listen to people’s concerns.

This is a clear indication that the Biden regime’s response to East Palestine is political. And although they wouldn’t admit it outright, it looks like they want you to know it.

“Now imagine if this had happened in, well, the favored cities of Philadelphia and Detroit,” Fox News host Tucker Carlson said on February 14. “Lots of poor people in those cities. Everyone feels for them. Everyone wants them to be safe. Imagine at the same time this had happened in Washington, D.C., in say Georgetown. Well, the National Guard would be called in. There would be no mushroom cloud of toxic chemicals on the horizon, we can promise you that. And of course, in both cases, if this affected the rich or the favored poor, it would be the lead of every news channel in the world. But it happened to the poor benighted town of East Palestine, Ohio, whose people are forgotten and, in the view of the people who lead this country, forgettable.”

Trump was elected president in 2016 because he spoke to the concerns of rural conservatives whom Obama condemned as bitter people who “cling to guns or religion.” Yet the elite radical leftists still deliberately ignore “fly-over country.” They are telling conservatives that they are America’s new aristocracy and that if you fail to support them—or if you live in a town of such people—you can face severe consequences based on how they choose to wield their power.

The same government that forced Americans to wear masks that can’t block a 120-nanometer virus now says that phosphene gas and toxic water for Ohio families is no big deal. This is not a matter of ignorance or even just hypocrisy. It has to be a deliberate display of force, especially against conservative Americans.

Life insurance companies are reporting a 40 percent rise in death benefit claims compared to the baseline before the coronavirus spread and the massive lockdowns. Many people feel that this rise in death rates is due to adverse effects to the all-but-mandated mrna coronavirus vaccines. Along with Pfizer, the government is working hard to keep reports about vaccine side effects out of people’s hands, so why wouldn’t it be working to keep reports about vinyl chloride side effects out of people’s hands? It may take several weeks for such side effects to manifest, but we could be heading for a major increase in excess illnesses and deaths in the Ohio River Basin.

Ohio Senator J. D. Vance visited East Palestine on February 16 and showed video evidence of the chemicals in its waterways. But you have to rely on privately recorded videos like his for such information because, with the exception of Fox News, the corporate media won’t even tell you about it. Such a blackout does not happen on accident.

Don’t forget Biden’s vicious speech comparing “Make America Great Again” Republicans to Islamist terrorists. In the months since, he has treated them—and even people who just happen to live near them—as such.

The blatant ignoring of East Palestine is consistent with the motivation that Biden and the man who controls him, Barack Obama, have had from the beginning. The Ohio cover-up is part of the ongoing bitter affliction that they have been forcing on America (2 Kings 14:26-28).

“This nation is committing suicide at the hands of certain powerful people in government and in society,” my father, Trumpet editor in chief Gerald Flurry, writes in his new book America Under Attack. “They are actively, intentionally sabotaging this special nation from the inside. These radical elites have rapidly and fundamentally transformed American politics, governance, diplomacy, policing, morality, race, sex, tradition and culture.”

This latest catastrophe in Ohio shows that the Biden administration will easily sacrifice the environment that it so often pretends to care about for its agenda. Look at how it has handled the issues: Whether it is the environment, foreign policy, justice for the poor, the well-being of minorities, the safety of young people, or whatever the issue may be, the point is to get more power. Why? To force through the dismantling of what America is and has been.

This hypocrisy and deadly wielding of power reveals a deadly spirit motivation. It involves a hatred for America’s ultimate origins, for its purpose and its effect on the world. You need to understand what is going on. Request your free copy of America Under Attack and compare it to your Bible—and to your daily headlines. What is happening to America is much more toxic, goes much deeper, and is far deadlier than you think.