Does Donald Trump Have Enough Fight Left?

Former U.S. President Donald Trump arrives at Trump Tower in Manhattan on April 3.
James Devaney/GC Images

Does Donald Trump Have Enough Fight Left?

Radical leftists are blowing up the justice system just to stop President Trump. Can they do it?

For the first time in United States’ history, a president has been criminally indicted. On March 30, a Manhattan grand jury charged Donald Trump with more than 30 counts related to business fraud. The indictment is still sealed, so the specific charges are currently unknown. They appear to revolve around money that Trump allegedly paid to two women during his 2016 presidential campaign in return for them not to discuss sexual encounters they claim they had with him. The New York County district attorney has construed these as campaign contributions that were not recorded as such in Mr. Trump’s financial records, and has charged the president with at least one felony.

Mr. Trump denies wrongdoing, including the alleged sexual encounters.

Many legal analysts believe the charges against Trump are unfounded, and some of Trump’s fiercest Republican critics have come to his defense. But none of that matters to the radical left. In Barack Obama’s America, you can be innocent although proven guilty, or guilty until proven innocent. It just depends on what those in power want you to be.

President Trump left his home in Florida, passing crowds of cheering, flag-waving supporters, and flew to New York City today and is back at Trump Tower this evening ahead of his arraignment at 2:15 tomorrow afternoon.

Does he have enough fight left in him to fight his way back?

Former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi released a statement after Trump’s indictment that has raised even some Democratic eyebrows due to its blatant inaccuracy about the rule of law. “The grand jury has acted upon the facts and the law,” she wrote. “No one is above the law, and everyone has the right to a trial to prove innocence. Hopefully, the former president will peacefully respect the system, which grants him that right.”

The American justice system presumes—or presumed—innocence until the prosecution can prove guilt and prove it beyond a reasonable doubt. But that is not how radical leftists are treating Trump. They have dogmatically told the nation that he is guilty, many are literally celebrating, and the obvious goal is to use this and every other means possible to somehow prevent him from returning to the presidency. Trump has called this out for what it is, but he has agreed to cooperate with this kangaroo court.

According to reports, such proceedings are not usually televised: The Trump legal team has asked for them not to be. But the judge, Juan Merchan, may decide otherwise. He presided over a previous case that found the Trump Organization guilty of 17 business crimes, and he imposed the maximum penalty. So this week the world could see the president treated as a criminal suspect (presumed guilty, as Pelosi indicated), and he will likely be forced to answer uncomfortable questions about how and why his attorney paid a pornographic film actress $130,000. News channels like cnn have been covering his every move, so even if the proceedings aren’t televised live from inside the court room, you can be sure that liberal media executives will be trying to maximize what liberal prosecutors will be saying and doing.

These are the exact types of tactics you see in Third World governments all the time. Even enemies of President Trump are realizing that we just crossed a dangerous, dangerous line.

Former Attorney General Bill Barr is no friend of Donald Trump, but even he slammed the indictment of the 45th president, saying it makes the United States “look like a banana republic.” During an interview with Larry Kudlow on Fox Business, Barr said, “Based on the news reports, if they’re accurate, this is an abomination. It’s the epitome of the abuse of prosecutorial power to bring a case that would not be brought against anyone else. They are going after the man, not a crime.”

Barr isn’t the only legal expert saying that New York is acting like a banana republic. Former Assistant U.S. Attorney Andy McCarthy, who also opposes Trump, said that Bragg is using a “terribly abusive” tactic wherein prosecutors who have weak cases “load up on quantity, what they lack in quality, to try to signal the jury that this guy must be a really bad guy, otherwise the state wouldn’t have charged so many crimes against it.” The fact that Bragg is making 30 charges against Trump does not mean Trump is dangerously corrupt. It means that Bragg doesn’t have enough evidence to prove that Trump committed any one felony, so he is likely trying to make up for that fact by throwing everything he can at Trump in hopes something will stick.

If some political prosecutor in Africa or Latin America acted the way Bragg is acting, the U.S. State Department would probably levy sanctions against that nation. Yet here at home, Obama’s weaponized police state targets anyone who poses a threat to the “deep state” actors who have hijacked the government. And the single biggest threat to those people is President Donald Trump.

Bragg has reduced charges for a myriad of felonies by criminals in Manhattan, yet he spent months working to convert a misdemeanor into a felony so he could get Trump. It is glaringly obvious that this man and those influencing him do not care about justice; they care about prosecuting the leading Republican candidate in the next election, the man who has the courage to stand up for what is left of America.

Florida governor Ron DeSantis, Trump’s main rival for the Republican nomination, accused Bragg of weaponizing the law for political purposes. Former Vice President Mike Pence, who has had a very public break with President Trump, blasted Bragg as a party to “political prosecution.” Even some liberals, like comedian Bill Maher, say they fear Trump’s indictment will set a precedent and open the door for Republicans to arrest Joe Biden once he leaves office. One wonders why no district attorney has indicted Biden or his son for the well-documented crimes that even the public knows all about.

The Trump indictment is not ultimately about Republicans vs. Democrats or even about maga vs. establishment politicians (the Republican-Democrat “uniparty”). This indictment is about the rule of law in America. Trump’s rabid haters are salivating at the prospect of him going to prison, but even some of the more clear-eyed liberals are waking up to the fact that America is becoming a banana republic where the only constraints on presidential power are no longer constitutional but merely political. Bill Clinton paid Paula Jones $850,000 to keep quiet about an affair. Hillary Clinton misrepresented the money she paid for the Steele dossier as “legal fees.” Neither of them has been indicted or arrested for these or other serious crimes.

There is now one standard of justice in America for leftists and another standard for everybody else. This isn’t merely unfair, it is dangerous to the existence of this nation.

This fact will become even more clear in the days ahead as Trump undergoes a legal attack for a crime he denies that is, at worst, a misdemeanor that passed its statute of limitations years ago. Bragg is literally releasing murderers and rapists into America’s streets while he tries to get Trump on a bookkeeping “error.” Bragg—and people with influence on him, almost certainly including Barack Obama directly or indirectly—will probably see this plan backfire spectacularly. Bragg’s anti-Trump crusade thus far has pushed “Never-Trumpers” like Bill Barr, Mike Pence, Andrew McCarthy and others to rush to Trump’s defense to try to save the principle of “innocent until proven guilty” and what we might call the doctrine of “the justice system is not a political weapon.”

These proceedings and possible trial might help make Trump more popular than he has ever been. Continue to watch this closely. Whatever happens, the Trumpet continues to state with certainty that Donald Trump will fight his way back into power and reclaim the presidency that was stolen from him and his voters.

He definitely has enough fight left in him. Wait and see.

We continue to emphasize 2 Kings 14:26-28, which is both history of ancient Israel and prophecy about the end-time descendants of Israel (primarily the United States and Britain). Obama, including through fraudulent figurehead Joe Biden, has bitterly afflicted this nation, and it has no helper. Therefore, God has raised up an end-time corollary to King Jeroboam ii to save us. For more than six years, my father, Trumpet editor in chief Gerald Flurry, has taught that this end-time Jeroboam figure is Donald Trump. He has said that Mr. Trump will likely have to fight his way back and do so before the next scheduled election.

This indictment shows us just how bitterly America is being afflicted and just how little help Trump has had until recently. But Donald Trump isn’t finished. The stage is being set for a dramatic intervention by God. It will take a miracle to temporarily save America. That miracle is coming.