Philip Nice

Russia Arrests Dual Citizen on Charges of Treason

Be advised: This is a war.

‘Go to, let us build us a city and a tower, whose top may reach unto heaven’ —Genesis 11:4

Global experimentation in mandates, lockdowns, vaccines and manipulated viruses is part of an even larger exercise in trial and error.

Revolution is coming!

A partially fictional look at what America has become and will become

If human governments are bad, how should you act—and think—toward them?

One hour that changed the war in the Pacific

Live Personal Appearance Campaigns bring the Trumpet’s message of warning and hope to hundreds—maybe even you.

Trumpet website now available in German, Dutch, French and Spanish

A look at the family of the future

What if ‘those bums in Washington’ aren’t bums?

The founding document of the United States may have lost the war of ideas.

How the Philadelphia Church of God is dramatically growing its work in Europe

Trumpet headquarters hosts international ‘homecoming.’

What it will be like.

Why the Trumpet’s publisher also sponsors performing arts.

One of the world’s premiere quintets from one of the world’s premiere cultural cities caps off Armstrong Auditorium’s concert season.

There has to be a reason, and we have to find it.

Understand the significance of the shocking violence hitting Britain and America.

Follow the biblical prescription: To be happy, act happy.

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