Philip Nice

Follow the biblical prescription: To be happy, act happy.

Had enough of the Upside-Down World? Something better is on the way.

When will the nightmare in the Gulf stop? Why are unprecedented disasters multiplying?

On Holocaust Remembrance Day, a memorial to what man is capable of doing to his neighbors.

America’s greatest investor has been right on for 44 years; here is why he’s wrong about the economy bouncing back—and how there still is hope.

We warned this would happen 50 years ago—how could we know?

What January’s inauguration festivities reveal about how far our nation has come—or how far gone.

Welcome to the king of the north.

Where will they sail, and why?

Two divisive issues are combining to make the already loosely confederated Anglican Communion even looser. Meanwhile another church waits in the wings.

Our markets, our banks, our government and our money itself are on the verge of collapse. Here’s why this tragedy is ultimately good news!

Our monetary system had corrupt beginnings, and it hasn’t exactly gotten better with age.

Could today’s financial upheaval and monetary madness be signs that the system itself is fatally flawed?

America’s advanced, complex nerve system may be its greatest strategic weakness.

The next American administration could be the one to watch—and help—Berlin become a dominating world power once again.

Two issues are combining to make the already-loosely confederated Anglican Communion even looser.

Today, June 4, marks the 70th anniversary of a miraculous event in American history—the battle that turned the tide in the Pacific.

There is one superpower left in the world, but America’s advanced, complex nerve system is also perhaps its greatest strategic weakness.

It started with anti-Semitism and Kristallnacht. It ended with more than 6 million lives erased. remembers the lead-up to the Nazi Holocaust—a grave warning of what can happen when we ignore our history books and Bibles.

A former president’s steps in failed foreign policy prove biblical principles and fulfill biblical prophecy.

Smuggling weapons-grade Russian uranium is so easy, even an amateur can do it—literally.

Polls show that the world is getting comfortable with Berlin’s increasingly dominant role in global affairs.

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