Michael Davis

American Psychological Association: Masculinity Is Harmful

The war on masculinity enters its next phase.

Warplane capable of carrying multiple nuclear hypersonic missiles

Israel stands against anti-Semitism as it formally leaves unesco.

Children’s bad behavior is being chalked up as a mental disorder. But this label makes it impossible to fix the root cause of rebellious behavior.

For the first time since Word War ii, polls show a plurality of Germans supporting a stronger military.

The rise in American couples living together outside of marriage is a deadly dangerous trend.

Most are naively unconcerned that America is spending billions more than it earns.

An alliance is forming that will be instrumental in conquering Iran—and the United States, Britain and Israel!

California receives no rest from destructive, deadly fires.

In a time of mourning, tragedy becomes an excuse to lay false blame.

New societal norms are leading to a familiar fate.

Left- and right-wing groups erupt into violence in Oregon.

Award-winning reporter recognizes that Hurricane Michael cannot be blamed solely on nature.

As the United States neglects a pillar of its own foreign policy, enemies creep into its backyard.

Russia and China pose mortal threat to U.S.

The Satanic Temple promotes ‘religious pluralism’ by displaying a demonic statue in Little Rock.

More than 100,000 Russian and Chinese troops to train together for war

In a Soviet-style show of force, nuclear-capable Russian bombers fly over the Bering Strait.

California’s fire troubles are worsening so quickly we can hardly keep up.

California’s wildfire epidemic continues to worsen. Is this just a random increase in natural disasters? Or is there a purpose?

This week saw the most widespread protests in Iran since 2009. Will the people cause the government to change?

President Trump wants to keep families together—but it is not so easy.

A ‘new frontier in family law’

Russia is ready to use an ‘absolute weapon’ that is untouchable by modern missile defense systems.

German chancellor voices approval for French president’s military integration proposal.

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