Michael Davis

Sweden’s Socialist Power Crisis

When will we learn the real agenda behind socialism?

It’s America’s problem too.

The war on family gets worse.

Major Arab nations are speaking out against Iran.

Most Austrians believe another massive tragedy could be around the corner.

The solution to Britain’s most deadly year of knife crimes is simpler than most realize.

Conflicting goals in Syria could push the nation away from Iran.

Cardinal Robert Sarah warns Europe of the dangers of mass immigration. Returning to Europe’s Catholic ‘roots and identity’ is the proposed solution.

America’s border crisis is far from over.

Open source satellite images show facilities in China capable of conducting futuristic warfare.

Hundreds are dead; hundreds of thousands have been left in wretched conditions. Many are asking, ‘Why did this happen?’

Violent murders are spreading through nations around the world. The Netherlands is the latest victim.

More and more people are taking world dangers seriously. Will safehouses and stockpiles of food be enough?

British government counters that she should be known as the child’s ‘male mother.’

Iranian military leaders have announced a strategy that will lead to Iran’s destruction!

Britain is entrusting Germany with matters of life and death.

‘Unprecedented’ cyberattacks targeting Western governments and organizations have been traced to hackers in the Islamic Republic.

The war on masculinity enters its next phase.

Warplane capable of carrying multiple nuclear hypersonic missiles

Israel stands against anti-Semitism as it formally leaves unesco.

Children’s bad behavior is being chalked up as a mental disorder. But this label makes it impossible to fix the root cause of rebellious behavior.

For the first time since Word War ii, polls show a plurality of Germans supporting a stronger military.

The rise in American couples living together outside of marriage is a deadly dangerous trend.

Most are naively unconcerned that America is spending billions more than it earns.

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