Kieren Underwood

In the great game of influence, Pakistan demonstrates that China is gaining the upper hand.

In Europe’s fight against Apple and Google, it might finally achieve a common tax plan.

When tolerance meets religious liberty, religious liberty gives way.

At sea, even China argues its own behavior is illegal.

There is something much different ahead for these two nations.

Australia is in a battle over whom to send to battle.

‘Extremist’ speech, as determined by the government, is banned in Russia.

Keep an open mind, ‘but not so open that your brains fall out.’

Death on the ocean, on an island, and for the idea of the European Union as we know it

Herbert W. Armstrong predicted Xi Jinping’s comment that Russia-China relations are at their ‘best time in history.’ That’s stunning, but not surprising.

‘What happened to the Church of England I used to know?’

To decipher an ‘unbreakable code,’ your best chance is to run it through China’s TaihuLight supercomputer.

The British are thinking ‘surplus,’ but instead they are just getting more debt.

What the founders, the 1930s and Donald Trump say about the future of America at war.

‘We know what the strategy was for the last eight years: Do not lose. That has not worked.’

Spain’s sixth-largest bank has fallen apart.

‘It’s so obvious that it’s an assassination.’

Historians, psychologists, journalists and their thrilling talent for burying their heads in the sand

With India and Pakistan officially joining the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, the bloc’s members and affiliates also account for a quarter of the world’s gross domestic product.

But it’s not the start of an EU army, of course.

He wants the Russians instead—they don’t ask questions.

Parades, protests and the man making sure people don’t know what they are really about

If Europe is already a superpower, what happens when you ask them to do more?

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