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Another halfhearted commitment in the Middle East reveals the opportunity for a different power to step in.

How early in life can a fetus feel pain, and should this factor into abortions?

Trumpet Daily Radio Show

The ability to focus is the difference between success and failure.

The American economy in early 2017 is not as good as we think it is.

Top journalist says that the government should punish mothers who do not work outside the home.

For nearly three decades after the fall of the Berlin Wall, a reunited Germany has been achieving exactly what it wanted, but failed at, in two world wars.

From the ashes of Iraq rises the kingdom of Iran.

Terror at Westminster, Iran in Yemen, trade battles at the G-20, and more

Germany has made a stunning resurgence since World War II. Where is this leading?

Have you ever asked yourself, “Who am I? What am I? Why am I?” These are the most basic questions in life. Yet politicians, scientists, educators, philosophers and even religionists don’t know the answers. They often shy away from even asking the questions in the first place. But you can know!

‘Promises made. Promises [not] kept.’

Another first in German history: The deportations show that Germany is toughening its stance on immigration.

Trumpet analysts Brad Macdonald and Brent Nagtegaal discuss the tension between Turkey and Europe and what it might mean for future relations between the two.

Instead of quickly moving on, Britain ought to be asking some soul-searching questions.

‘Ties between Bavaria and Russia are the nucleus of a good relationship between Germany and Russia.’

The United Nations accuses Israel of being an ‘apartheid’ state, then quickly retracts it—damage done.

The Obama administration knew how to play the media and prosecuted anyone who challenged it.

Is this the return of a prodigal son or a long-planned comeback?

Priceless history about the start of the Philadelphian era of God’s true Church

Wars are killing tens of thousands of people around the world every year. Yet unseen is the most important war of all— spiritual armies fighting for control of human minds.

How widespread is this sex perversion? More so than you might think.

The major media in America view President Donald Trump as enemy number one, but Mr. Trump’s war with the media isn’t close to what Barack Obama’s was.

‘The tension over the disputed territory in the South China Sea is about to escalate to another level.’

While Britain sorts out its EU departure it also faces the question of its very existence, again.

With the Syrian civil war in hand, Iran is setting its sights on a bigger goal.

This book will help you understand your Creator.

Is Hamas about to begin a new charm offensive on the West?

The latest outburst reminds Germany that it needs a real solution to the migration crisis.

With the Supreme Court unwilling to rule on Second Amendment gun rights, the lower Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals took the law into its own hands.

The bloodiest suffering right now is south of the border, but it is being caused by those north of it.

More Europeans are accepting the idea that the Continent must develop a consolidated nuclear weapons command.

Before his death in 1986, Herbert W. Armstrong wrote what he called ‘the greatest book since the Bible.’ Understand the Bible with Mr. Armstrong’s final and most important book.