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Joel Hilliker

Week in Review: Abbas’s True Colors, China’s Propaganda, Iran’s Espionage, Hawaiians’ Confessionals, and Much More

A stunning incident in a Dallas middle school is worth thinking on.

The world is getting dangerous. Really dangerous. More and more people are even beginning to wonder: Is this the end time? Believe it or not, there is a correct answer to this question.

It is embedded in the Fifth Commandment.

Jerusalem is on our minds!

What to do when your wife is discouraged

The New American Morality is rather inconsistent, but you’d better learn it real quick, because it is also extremely unforgiving.

The threats in today’s world are multiplying, but how many people are even paying attention?

Sex scandals highlight a massive problem—but we can’t solve it unless we correctly define it.

What are the ‘fruits’ growing from this weed?

The real cause of all these scandals.

How media and Washington have changed over the last 40 years

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