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Gerald Flurry

Gerald Flurry founded the Philadelphia Trumpet newsmagazine in 1990. He actively serves as an author and as editor in chief. Gerald Flurry also presents the Key of David television program and serves as Pastor General of the Philadelphia Church of God.

France Is Betraying America and Fulfilling Bible Prophecy—Part 3

The French president has told the world about his love for Germany. What will his ignorance of history and prophecy mean for Europe, America and the whole world?

The French president has publicly and humiliatingly rebuked America. This stunning turn of events aligns with history and Bible prophecy.

In recent weeks, the presidents of the United States and France have publicly feuded. What does your Bible have to say about this fracturing relationship?

Abraham Lincoln’s Thanksgiving proclamation carries an important warning for today’s divided America.

The changing composition of the court could have an unforeseen consequence.

Recent comments by the French president show that the Holy Roman Empire is here.

The end of Merkel could be a turning point not just for Germany, but the whole world.

What did Christ mean by this astounding statement?

Right after Jesus Christ defeated Satan in the titanic battle of the ages, He made an interesting statement: “The Kingdom of God is at hand.” It’s been almost 2,000 years. God’s Kingdom still hasn’t come. What did Christ mean?

Music is a vital part of God’s throne-room culture.

What’s behind Emmanuel Macron’s comments?

There is only one solution to suffering.

Your Bible is full of prophecies about this present evil world coming to a fiery, destructive end. How can you receive God’s protection from this fate?

Within one of the Bible’s most overlooked books lies one of its most inspiring messages! It reveals a depth to God’s love that survives blistering trial and even betrayal—a love stronger than death itself!To listen to a musical setting of the Song of Solomon, or to acquire the scores, please visit https://www.pcog.org/resources/music. Or, to watch a video recording of the live premiere at Armstrong Auditorium, please visit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IrBcbq0SByY

Just before he was murdered, the Apostle Peter wrote two amazingly hopeful biblical books. What was the secret to his living hope?

The appalling battle over the United States Supreme Court shows how close this nation is to collapse—and how God will solve the problem.

The long-awaited moment is here. Germany needs a new leader. Who will it be?

Good music provides many benefits for your mind, body and spirit. Music is also central to God’s plan.

The only human king-priest in history was recently crowned.

In all of history, only one human has possessed the authority of both a king and a priest. You need to know who this man is, because he is a sign of the Second Coming of Jesus Christ.

The immense power backing God’s Church is mind-staggering!

God’s one true Church on Earth forcefully delivers the most astounding and inspiring truth imaginable. The power source steadfastly backing God’s Church is the formidable, roaring Lion of the tribe of Judah.

The Bible is a book about Israel. Yet its message is a universal one for all nations. God has a purpose for Israel, and all mankind can become a part of this unique nation.

What is the Day of the Lord, and how will it affect you? The books of Revelation, Joel and Zephaniah explain this prophecy—one of the most misunderstood in the Bible.

The book of Daniel prophesies about an end-time ‘king of fierce countenance,’ who will shake the foundations of this world. That king is on the scene now—and we think we may know who he is.

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