Report: 282 Million Faced Acute Hunger Last Year

Food insecurity worsened globally for the fifth year in a row in 2023 with almost 282 million people suffering from acute hunger, according to a United Nations-led report released on April 24. That amounts to about 1 in every 28 people worldwide.

In a world of plenty, children are starving to death. Funding is not keeping pace with need.
—Antonio Guterres, UN secretary general

The number of people suffering acute hunger increased by 24 million over 2022 because of conflicts and violence, particularly in Gaza and Sudan, the report said. Extreme weather events and economic shocks also added to the amount, a report on food crises from the Food Security Information Network said.

Brink of starvation: About 700,000 people were on the brink of starvation in 2023, the report said. That number has since increased to 1.1 million, in part because of the war in Gaza. Other major food crises are ongoing in Afghanistan, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Ethiopia, Nigeria, Syria and Yemen.

Prophesied famines: Although global resources are available, mankind has consistently failed to solve this worldwide problem. Multiple Bible prophecies show that mass famines will continue to occur prior to Jesus Christ’s return.

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