An Election Lesson to Remember

An Election Lesson to Remember

As results roll in from America’s elections today, remember a highly relevant lesson—one reinforced last week in a vote half a world away.

The lesson is this: There is an unseen dimension to elections. Politicians stump and calculate and plot and conspire, but the ultimate outcome lies with God. That’s right: “… For there is no authority except from God, and the authorities that exist are appointed by God” (Romans 13:1; New King James).

One crucial factor determining which authorities He appoints is Bible prophecy. God removes leaders and sets up leaders (Daniel 2:21) to ensure that what He has foretold comes to pass.

And as Trumpet readers know, God has issued some very specific prophecies about America in our day. He is certain to bring these to pass.

America’s election results could include indicators of dramatic, prophecy-fulfilling shifts to come.

Half a world away: For years, the radical left in Israel toiled to take down Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. They branded him a racist, a fascist, a murderer, a war criminal. They investigated him for corruption and indicted him for breach of trust, bribery and fraud—fraudulent charges all, he insisted. Finally, after an inconclusive election and a betrayal by Naftali Bennett, Netanyahu was ousted from office in June of last year.

His enemies were jubilant. Having authored his political epitaph, they danced on his grave. The Netanyahu era was over.

So they thought. Today these leftists are aghast. Apoplectic. It hasn’t even been 16 months, and Netanyahu is back. Stronger than ever. In last week’s vote, Israelis placed him at the head of the most conservative government in the nation’s history.

Netanyahu’s stunning resurrection from the dead holds particular resonance for Trumpet readers.

Bible prophecy links the Jewish state of Israel with America in remarkable ways. Our editor in chief’s September 2022 cover story, “Britain’s and Judah’s Governments Fall—America Next?”, explains why. They share a common biblical ancestry and a collective fate in biblical prophecy. The Trumpet watches shifting alignment and tension between these two nations for signs of how this prophecy will play out.

A failed prophecy?: One of the boldest forecasts Gerald Flurry has made in recent years is that Donald Trump will be America’s president during a crucial sequence of end-time events. When Trump was ousted and Joe Biden assumed the presidency in January 2020, many claimed this was a failed prophecy.

Mr. Flurry, however, held firm. His first feature after the Biden inauguration was titled “Why I Still Believe Donald Trump Is Coming Back.” This is based on a prophecy in 2 Kings 14 describing a resurgence in American power under President Trump—typified by a renaissance in ancient Israel under King Jeroboam ii. This resurgence has not yet happened fully. Nor has another prophecy about this modern-day Jeroboam ii recorded in Amos 7.

Anciently, Jeroboam ii allied closely with the Jewish king governing from Jerusalem. This history was replayed in the extraordinary friendship President Trump forged with Prime Minister Netanyahu. It affirmed both the prophetic nature of that ancient history and the certainty of the rest of the prophecy being fulfilled as well.

Then Trump was unexpectedly removed, and six months later so too was Netanyahu. However, knowing Trump would return, we speculated that, improbable though it may have seemed, “Netanyahu will reclaim his position in Israel.”

We cannot help but view Netanyahu’s brisk return last week as a foreshadowing of further prophecies coming to pass, including Trump regaining office soon.

Sometimes events take surprising turns. But we need always to seek to understand what God is working to accomplish.

Today’s election: We shall see—but today’s election could prove to advance biblical prophecy on several fronts.

Mr. Flurry has written extensively on how God is determined to expose the corruption and evil within American politics. Read America Under Attack.

Today’s elections could be a potent rebuke to the radicalism the Biden administration has subjected America to for the past 22 months. Republicans could soon take over Congress and assume leadership of committees tasked with probing corruption and election fraud. A lot of criminality could be exposed and brought to justice. Simply having the opposition party over the legislature would check the precipitous national decline being caused by President Biden and radicals in Congress. A temporary resurgence for America lies yet ahead. God wants to provide the nation one last opportunity to repent and turn to Him. Today could prove a step in that direction.

It is remarkable how different the political climate is today from what it was 22 months ago—and how much likelier Mr. Flurry’s Bible-based forecasts look. Leftists are genuinely aghast, even apoplectic, at the probability of another Trump presidency.

God is teaching that crucial lesson: He is helping us to see the unseen dimension to elections and other world events. His prophecies stand. Never doubt His Word. And pay close attention to what His representative is saying. Improbable as it may seem at the time, just watch. And remember the admonition of 2 Chronicles 20:20: “… Believe in the Lord your God, so shall ye be established; believe his prophets, so shall ye prosper.”