Another ‘Summer of Love’?

Pro-Palestinian protesters march outside Columbia University in New York City on April 18.
KENA BETANCUR/AFP via Getty Images

Another ‘Summer of Love’?

The fight for America is about to get violent.

Pro-Hamas protesters shut down roads across the United States on April 15, which many Americans find disturbingly familiar. We might be in for another violent summer. The protests were part of an orchestrated campaign against Israel on Tax Day; they closed major thoroughfares in Chicago, New York City, San Francisco, Seattle and many other cities.

At Columbia University in New York City, pro-Hamas protests got so strong and so threatening that the administration canceled in-person classes for fear of anti-Semitic behavior. Mass arrests have occurred at Columbia, Yale and other colleges. Authorities seem to be limiting the protests, but the Israel-Hamas war is still raging, so the Washington Post believes that the current protest may be a sign that America is in for a repeat of the 1967 “Summer of Love” protests that killed 83 people and destroyed entire neighborhoods.

Summer 2024 is going to be intense.

“The traffic-snarling pro-Palestinian demonstrations in U.S. cities on Monday could foreshadow a potentially volatile summer of protests, creating a challenge for President [Joe] Biden and sparking debate over whether some activists’ tactics threaten to undermine public support for their movement,” the Washington Post reported on April 16. “Four years ago, amid the Black Lives Matter protests, it was Trump who was in the White House as some demonstrations became disruptive and shook some Americans’ confidence in the stability of the nation. This year, it is Biden who will be forced to reassure voters if disruptive protests become commonplace.”

American universities are taking some small steps to ensure the protests don’t become too violent. Yet these steps have been ineffectual due to the fact that professors are often as anti-Israel as college students. In testimony before the United States House of Representatives last year, the presidents of Harvard, the University of Pennsylvania and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology refrained from stating that anti-Semitism violates their campuses’ code of conduct. So now radical students at Columbia University are chanting, “We want justice,” “Stop arming Israel,” “End the occupation now,” “Jews out,” “Death to the Zionist state,” and “Death to Jews.”

On an April 18 television broadcast of Kudlow, commentator Alan Dershowitz talked about Columbia President Nemat Shafik’s response, saying, “Well, she gets about a B minus, with grade inflation, because she hasn’t dealt with the problem. The core problem is dei: diversity, equity, and inclusion and intersectionality. These dominate universities today, and they’re the sources of anti-Semitism. … What we see on television today is the tip of the iceberg. But don’t call these people pro-Palestinian. They are anti-Palestinian. They’re pro-Hamas. Hamas has been destroying the Palestinian cause.”

That is a great point! Radical leftists often try to frame their support for Hamas as a liberal effort to protect oppressed Palestinians against aggressive Jews. They treat Israel, a parliamentary democracy with freedom for all religions, and Gaza, a tyrannical radical Islamic theocracy run by criminals, as if they are equivalent. Israel treats Palestinians far better than Hamas does. So this war isn’t about Jews and Palestinians. It is about democracy and dictatorship. And the American university students chanting “Death to the Jews” have taken the side of the Islamist dictators.

The first “summer of love” was a protest against the Vietnam War in 1967, and the second “summer of love” was race war-style arson, looting and violence largely sparked by the activist group Black Lives Matter in 2020. Since both the Vietcong in the 1960s and Black Lives Matter today are self-alleged Marxists, both summers of love were really violent protests in support of Communist and even dictatorial movements. This year’s potential pro-Hamas “summer of love” may differ a little bit in that Hamas is not Communist, but the main goal remains the same. These movements don’t all love the same things, but they definitely hate the same things: Israel, America, free societies and anything derived from the Bible.

In “The Sickness in American Universities,” we wrote:

For well over a generation, Islamist leaders have referred to America as the “Great Satan” and to Israel as the “Little Satan.” Now, many atheists, socialists, feminists, American students, professors and other elites agree.

They don’t agree on whether there is a Satan, whether there is a God for Mohammed to be a prophet of, whether church and state should be separated, whether churches should even exist, whether women should belong to men, whether women should wear burkas or participate in “empowering” pornography, whether males and females can change their sexes, whether children should be taught homosexuality, whether you can eat meat, whether you can drill for oil, or any other issue. But they know for sure that America is evil.

Socialists like Claudine Gay and Islamists like Ismail Haniyeh presumably disagree on a thousand things, but they agree that they hate Western civilization, so they hate its source. They hate the Jews, who are descended from the ancient Israelite tribe of Judah. And they hate the Americans, British and related nations, which are descended from the “lost ten tribes” of Israel ….

The hatred expressed at American universities is neither sophisticated nor new. It’s as old as the pogroms of the Nazis, the fascists, the German Confederation, the Russian Empire, Toulon, Strasbourg, Prague, Brussels, Flanders, the Crusades and more. This hatred is also proof that there is something more going on than just sociology, politics, ideologies and economics. It is something spiritual—and it is evil.

My father, Trumpet editor in chief Gerald Flurry, explains in America Under Attack that there is an end-time campaign to “blot out the name of Israel from under heaven.” The current university protests against the Middle Eastern nation of Israel are obviously part of this attack. Yet the academic protest against the Judeo-Christian moral virtues America was founded on are an even bigger part. The good you can find in Israel, America and the other modern peoples that descended from the Israelites did not come from the goodness of the people or even of their forebears. It traces back only to the true God. And because the modern Israelites have forsaken God, they are losing the good, biblical principles they were given, not to mention the resulting wealth and security. We can now see this plainly in our congressional chambers, our university president offices, our college campuses, and our streets and neighborhoods across the land.

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