Mihailo S. Zekic

Nicaragua’s Ortega Cracks Down on Opposition

Don’t ignore what’s happening in Central America.

Tehran can apparently have its cake and eat it, too.

U.S.-UK relations aren’t as strong as you may think.

The culture wars target the ultimate symbol of British civilization: the monarchy.

Will Russian gas warm ties between Berlin and Moscow, and leave Washington out in the cold?

What secrets does our nearest planetary neighbor hold?

Adolf Hitler ended the first Weimar Republic. Who will end the second?

Will this mean peace for Nigeria?

A melting mountain in the heart of Africa.

The U.S. is losing ground in the Horn of Africa.

Another swipe from the Russian bear paw. How many more can Europe take?

What the Goreh-Jask pipeline means for the Middle East and the world.

Europe is getting fed up with its migrant problem. Where will this lead?

A 2015 military handbook sheds light on China’s view on bioweapons.

Welcome to the return of old Europe, where Germany and Russia call the shots.

What are French forces doing in Japan?

Will the 300-plus years of union between England and Scotland come to an end?

Today, it’s America’s energy infrastructure. Tomorrow, will it be the Pentagon?

Will Europe and Russia carve up Bosnia-Herzegovina in a new Molotov-Ribbentrop pact?

Could ethnic anarchy come to the Horn of Africa?

America is under attack—from within.

Viktor Orbán may remain Hungary’s most influential man, in or out of office.

Will the death of Chad’s president draw France even more into Africa?

What Raúl Castro’s retirement means for the island country

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