Mihailo S. Zekic

German Policymakers Wary of ‘The King of the South’

An influential think tank in Germany demands that its new government counter Iran.

What an indictment of Iranian hackers means for the United States.

Can Putin—once again—redraw the borders of Europe to his liking?

What this year’s top-grossing movie means for America, China and the world

Some of the Bible’s most inspiring passages tell us that it is coming soon to a desert near you!

This suffering could lead to crucial end-time events.

Who do you call if you want to speak to Europe? More and more, the answer is becoming Berlin.

This is why we told you to watch Lebanon.

Is this ‘Czech’ mate for strongman Andrej Babiš?

Addis Ababa will apparently stop at nothing to snuff out the Tigray.

Israeli-Arab normalization agreements have stalled since January.

America’s cities are on fire.

Kim Jong-un’s rockets are blasting off again.

The fundamentally different legacies of two empires that ruled the world

Will it take the meddling of Russia to turn Europe into a superpower?

Is Germany trustworthy enough to be included in America’s deepest intelligence alliance?

A war in Africa is having global consequences.

The royal family continues to be plagued by conflict.

Why is Hitler’s manifesto so popular in the country he conquered?

A parting shot from the jihadists as America packs its bags

The band of brothers is being broken.

Another crisis to help forge Europe?

Another disaster makes its way to Europe, and beyond.

Don’t ignore what’s going on in the Horn of Africa.

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