Mihailo S. Zekic

Ahead of Palestinian Elections, Fatah Is Splintering

2021 will be a wild ride for Palestinians—and Israelis.

The Cold War is over; Cold War-style espionage isn’t.

Japan is becoming the linchpin of an anti-Chinese alliance in Asia.

As well as Europe’s stake in the Dark Continent

America’s enemies are teaming up with each other.

America’s pride in its power was broken at the Anchorage Summit.

Will polygamy be next?

Australia is battered with deluges of biblical proportions.

Are Israel and the United Arab Emirates being sacrificed on the altar of Iranian appeasement?

What’s behind the Turkish president’s Western charm offensive?

The European experiment of a secular, tolerant 21st century is failing.

The worldwide cannabis counterculture claims another conquest.

Berlin is letting Moscow develop wmd on German soil.

In defense of democracy, the German government is taking anti-democratic measures.

Beijing is building its military through British universities.

The percentage of heterosexual adults drops with new generation.

Once-great Britain is now a small island getting smaller.

What would America look like under the Green New Deal? Texas shows you.

Will this solve the province’s skyrocketing drug problem?

Forward-thinking philanthropist or shadowy puppet-master? Here are the facts.

A free and independent media in Hungary is going extinct.

Ten years after Muammar Qadhafi’s ousting, Libya has a new government.

Is Tehran’s space program a front for nuclear ambitions?

The coup in Myanmar could force the country closer to Beijing.

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