Mihailo S. Zekic

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Will another war on Europe’s eastern fringes break out?

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What is wrong with the weather?

What was his greatest legacy? The answer may surprise you.

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Would Pope Francis retire to make way for him?

The attack reveals the ‘king’ of radical Islam.

The Vatican issues an apology—sort of.

What will be the aftereffects of the recent Israel-Gaza skirmish?

Should classical music be ‘decolonized’?

As Israel heads into new elections, watch what Jerusalem’s new prime minister does.

What China’s move into the Horn of Africa means

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Where Ankara’s spat with the West is leading

New images surface humanizing the suffering of Xinjiang’s Uyghurs.

Don’t ignore Moscow’s silent takeover of Minsk.

Hungary’s prime minister wants a ‘renewed Europe’ with the pope’s help.

On the most explosive real estate on Earth, the delicate status quo is being challenged.

Why are American conservatives siding with European neofascists?

Should classical music be ‘decolonized’?

Hezbollah loses more than a 10th of its parliamentary seats in most recent election.

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