Mihailo S. Zekic

Is COVID-19 a Chinese Bioweapon?

A new report may suggest so.

Is this the opportunity Hamas has been waiting for?

The crisis in Rome couldn’t have come at a worse time.

The 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation brings Catholics and Lutherans closer than ever.

Recent studies suggest that science’s current models for the origin of life are flawed.

Can Israelis trust President Erdoğan?

It looks like London will hang onto the Rock in name only.

The amount and variety of life on Earth is truly stunning and makes Earth an extra special planet.

The Scottish government has approved yet another transplant of the Stone of Scone.

Terrorist attacks are provoking dramatic changes across Europe and the Middle East.

Tech giants aren’t letting the coronavirus crisis go to waste.

Far-right extremism among German police is more common than you may think.

Japan’s largest defense budget ever will make its military more powerful than ever.

The global crises are forging Europe into a military world power.

Why is America’s new coronavirus bailout paying $10 million for gender programs in Pakistan?

Putin expands his footprint in the USSR’s old stomping grounds.

What the peace deals with Morocco and Sudan mean for Israel

Is Croatia trying to whitewash Holocaust denial?

And it’s not even Lunar New Year’s.

Is the millennium-old schism between Catholicism and Eastern Orthodoxy close to healing?

A door may be opening to indict the Syrian dictator for war crimes.

Somebody had Georgia on his mind.

Europe’s consensus politics paralyze the EU once again. And some are getting fed up with it.

Weather disasters of biblical proportions make metro Manila look like Venice.

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