Mihailo S. Zekic

Would Russia Invade Spain?

Will it take the meddling of Russia to turn Europe into a superpower?

Is Germany trustworthy enough to be included in America’s deepest intelligence alliance?

A war in Africa is having global consequences.

The royal family continues to be plagued by conflict.

Why is Hitler’s manifesto so popular in the country he conquered?

A parting shot from the jihadists as America packs its bags

The band of brothers is being broken.

Another crisis to help forge Europe?

Another disaster makes its way to Europe, and beyond.

Don’t ignore what’s going on in the Horn of Africa.

Another crisis in the Caribbean

Topple your history, destroy your liberty.

A hard-line Marxist makes his way to Lima.

Something’s fishy about this paleontologist’s ‘discovery.’

Does the current administration believe in freedom of the press?

The Goreh-Jask pipeline could make Iran the world’s oil king.

Will Tehran take over the Hashemite Kingdom?

Is Iraq about to fall to Iran?

What Berlin wants, Berlin gets.

Could this turn the tide for the would-be chancellor?

An epidemic of gun violence in America’s capital

A complicated country in the Caribbean just got a lot more complicated.

Reflecting on the Jewish day of mourning

Woe to the inhabitants of the sea.

Why the ‘cancel culture’ has the Fourth of July in its sights

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