Mihailo S. Zekic

Hezbollah Losing Power in Lebanon

Hezbollah loses more than a 10th of its parliamentary seats in most recent election.

Our food supply lines are more vulnerable than many realize.

America is stuck in a narcotic maelstrom.

Northern Europe looks for a savior from Russia.

Another Marcos in Manila

Is it just to save face? Or is there more to the story?

The systematic plan to blot out God from Canada

Hungary’s strongman calls for the Holy Roman Empire.

What is wrong with all of this wet weather?

A coronation for Hungary’s ‘king’

The demand for drugs is devastating Mexico’s tourist utopia.

Putin dissolves the group that helped dissolve the Soviet Union.

How Jerusalem finally will become the ‘city of peace’

Will more Commonwealth countries become republics?

Tomorrow’s news told 10 years in advance

How the Ukraine war could bring one of the biggest shifts in Christianity since the Middle Ages

Tehran takes part in the global ambition to blot out America.

A submerged beast is rising from the Aegean Sea.

There are no ‘mighty men’ in Washington to stand up to Russia.

Fake news is being weaponized to blot out the name of Canada.

One of Latin America’s largest economies jumps on Beijing’s bandwagon.

What will be the outcome of the Supreme Court drama?

Why are the West’s health experts covering for China?

The United Nations trusts Kim Jong-un to lead the world in abandoning nuclear weapons.

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