Andrew Locher

Lessons From Churchill

The history behind the creation of the Jewish state

Skyrocketing costs and an aging military are conspiring to leave America vulnerable in unsuspected ways.

Do you know how to manage your finances responsibly? Here is a biblical approach to balanced financial management.

Will America’s success in Iraq translate into economic stability? When looking at what props up the world economy, the answer is clear.

War goes digital.

U.S. waffling is putting Taiwan in tough straits

World events are rapidly changing. Where are they leading? Will they affect you? Watch The Key of David.

A little nation presents a big challenge to American superpower.

What can we learn from killer weather disasters?

A wary nostalgia: Nearly ten years ago, the Soviet Union dissolved, and former Soviet republics looked West, yearning to share in the prosperity of capitalism. But now, after years of frustration and failed economies, many of them are contemplating a return to the old union.

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